Some Gynura species?

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Satish Phadke

12-Sept-2010, 12:50:54 pm12/09/10
to indiantreepix
A common weed(?) for ID
Seen on road side Pune 8th Sep 2010.
Herb, 2 feet high. Flower 0.5cm violet pink.
Appear to be from Asteraceae family.
Fruit/ seeds as shown in the picture.
Leaf characteristic- no petiole; clasping the stem.
Dr Satish Phadke

Parjanya guru

13-Sept-2010, 7:34:47 am13/09/10
to Satish Phadke, indiantreepix
.. I guess.... 
Emilia sonchifoliaDC.

  Parjanya Guru

Gurcharan Singh

13-Sept-2010, 11:52:42 am13/09/10
to Parjanya guru, Satish Phadke, indiantreepix
I support Emilia sonchifolia

Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Retired  Associate Professor
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Satish Phadke

13-Sept-2010, 12:16:45 pm13/09/10
to indiantreepix
Thanks Aditya ji, Parjanya ji, Gurcharan ji
This certainly is Emilia sonchifolia also known as
lilac tasselflower, Purple Sow Thistle, Flora's paint brush,
Native to Asia
Asteraceae - Tribe Senecioneae.
The flowers open only that much as shown in the pictures. The achenes mature rapidly and the blown out cluster of seeds with feathery hairy puff can often be seen on the same plant.
The main characteristic is the leaf pattern- Arrow shaped, Sessile with auricles clasping the stem is unmistakable.
Anybody wants to add/correct anything.....Welcome
The elaborate description can be read on FOI website.
Dr Satish Phadke
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