Life's simple pleasures

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raghu ananth

Jun 29, 2010, 1:43:06 AM6/29/10
Life's simple pleasures  
After photographing this chakota tree in the areca farm,  Varshit our Chandagal farm owner's son pulled out a few ripe fruits using small bamboo pole  from the tree to take it back home. Previous day we had good summer rains Being inside the farm on a mornng after a rainy night is a different experience. Later, we thought we could spend some time near the river banks and also get to see some water birds. Soon Varshit got ready with Chakota fruits in hand bags, armed with salt and chilly powder, we headed for the river (cauvery) which was some distance away. An hour later, we were in the open fields with the sun shining right on top of our heads and the mercury rising to almost intolerable levels. We then reached the river and decided to lay down under the cool shades of the trees that grew by its side – pausey, mango, honge... a cool place to rest. Varshith, started peeling the chakotha fruit to which we added salt and home-made red chilly powder. looked at them expectantly as it had been ages since I had tasted them. It had a divine taste.  I
While relishing the chakota fruit in this tranquil place, we watched medium-sized fishes splashing now and then in the middle of the river expanse.  Few minutes later, our  raptor-friend crested serpent eagle, (a permanent resident in this riverine habitat) this time on the other side of the river's bank came down from a dense tree and swooped down on something (probably a fish/crab/snake) along the aquatic weeds. It hopped a couple of times with wings spread fully open, with the victim in its talons. Very soon it silenced the victim and began to pull at its flesh. Everything happened in utter silence.  (I admire these birds for they prefer such silent zones and they  never come near to our town limits.) Later, it took back the victim to one of the trees closeby. We could soon hear young one's of the raptor demanding for food. May their tribe increase !
By this time, we had finished eating both the chakota fruits. I realised then that I had eaten the Chakota fruit just three times in my life! Every since then, I have kept my eyes peeled for it!! 
Photo date: 09 May 2010

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