Capturing & posting all aspects of a plant

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J.M. Garg

Jun 20, 2009, 1:49:14 AM6/20/09
to indiantreepix
Dear members,
While response from members is tremendous.
We would like to see individual photographs of large, full grown plants, followed by close up of leaf and flower arrangements and then the fruits and seeds. Then, wide landscapes showing plants in their natural habitats. A little efforts by members would go a long way in developing a sea change in the quality and ultimate value of the effort.
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Mahendra Prasad

Aug 19, 2009, 11:57:51 PM8/19/09
to J.M. Garg, indiantreepix

Garg ji's letter is articulating a need that many of us must have felt, also experienced by me. I second his proposal. Many times except for the sender of a pix and their brief description, other members have only the pix on our computers and accompanying note to form an opinion on an ID. As primarily a photographer, I have felt need for more pix of the plant for an ID.


Here are my suggestions : Send more than 1 pix for a good ID.


Pix 1.   Original pix. Photo of plant feature that attracted attention in 1st place.


Pix 2.   Close-up pix of distinguishing features of flower, leaf, fruit, seed, trunk, root etc.   

             JMG's suggestion. Closeup could be helpful and very impt.


Pix 3     Pix of full grown plant, tree, flower-bunch, fruits, branch etc. JMG'S suggestion.  

             Would be of help.


Pix 4     Pix of subject in its habitat. JMG's suggestion. Helpful.


Pix 5     Pix of any special distinguishing features.


Taking more pix will not pose a problem, since now a days memory cards with capacity in Gbs are available for taking couple of 100s of pix. Closeup/Macro is also not a problem,since almost all digicams have a macro focusing range of less than 4cm/1.5", something requiring special lenses and equipment in film-based cameras. Lastly by reducing the pix file size one can easily send more than 5 pix in 1 email. May our ID-ing become more accurate and definitive.

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