Topli Karvy?

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bindu kapadia

Sep 30, 2008, 5:31:27 AM9/30/08
to indiantreepix, wildflowerindia

Some years back in the month of July on my way to Amby valley-Sahara from Lonavala, I had  noticed unusual round formations of bushes on the vast plateau. In August while passing  by the same place,saw that the rounds had grown bigger and incidently in the

Same season in september when we passed by ,the round bushes had still grown and merged into one another! Was wondering what it could be.

The Karvi flowering is on and while going thru the images sent by the group people,

Saw one with the same type of formations titled Topli Karvy! –Very apt description.

So on the 18th of August went there to check but no Karvy there.though it had started

Flowering around Pauna Dam and at the base of Lohaghad trek in Lonavala about which I had already written about .

Last Saturday on the 27th I went there to check again because it was a persitantly'nagging 'question

In my mind---and lo behold the whole place was blooming----mostly with purple Karvy,

lavender Balsams and the bright yellow G Groundsels! The scenario had changed completely.It looked fabulous.And yes, they were Topli Karvy alright.! How thrilled.i was!! Ofcourse I have to get this confirmed by the experts

There were also carvia callosa-common  coneheads around.Other flowers besides these

Were cockscomb-celosia argentia,some Bharangi-clerodendrome serratum,yellow sensitive smithia,white tuberose like erect  ones and light lavender ones which I could'nt identify.The Lohaghad base was full of blooming Karvy as well.The sides of the road were covered with the fallen purple flowers as it is with copper pods and gulmohar.

But then  here is the highlight even out shadowing my sighting of Topli Karvy!

We saw a Malabar squirrel-Shekru! It was hanging with the help of its bushy tail and

Eating with both the hands-the pulp of the bark The cover of the bark was expertly removed and was enjoying his lunch at ease' aaramse'!.It was a sight to remember by.


Picture 104-small.jpg
Picture 092-small.jpg

J.M. Garg

Oct 5, 2008, 2:40:55 AM10/5/08
to bindu kapadia, indiantreepix
Though not sure it appears to be Topli Karvy only. 
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satish phadke

Oct 5, 2008, 3:44:19 AM10/5/08
to bindu kapadia, indiantreepix, wildflowerindia
I think you are talking about Topli Karwi only.

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 3:01 PM, bindu kapadia <> wrote:

bindu kapadia

Oct 6, 2008, 4:07:48 AM10/6/08
to indiantreepix, wildflowerindia
Thanks, Gargji and satishji
The reasons  for my doubts Re Topli karvi
1 colour--the TK flowers from kas are the same colour-deep purple may be slightly lighter.
            Whereas the ones i have taken are of lavender
2 Location  It is to be understood that TK bloomed in Kas,Amboli etc ie southern Kokan
                 whereas these were in Lonavala!
3 The last is that Shrikantji has shown Nilgirianthus reticulatus-(359) bhui Karvi which also
   spread into a hemispherical shape and flowering once in 7 years and best seen in
  Mahableshwar.The colour also different !
 What ab my other query --ID re.white tubers?
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