Asteraceae member for ID SMP 13/10/2010

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Satish Phadke

14-Oct-2010, 9:26:48 am14/10/10
to indiantreepix
I think this is the commonest Asteraceae species seen on the  hills of Pune city.
Requesting ID.
The pictures are taken at different times in the same area.
Dr Phadke


rajdeo singh

19-Oct-2010, 8:06:06 am19/10/10
to Satish Phadke, indiantreepix
Check for Pulicaria wightiana (DC.) C.B.Cl.

Rajdeo Singh
Project fellow
St. Xavier's College

Satish Phadke

19-Oct-2010, 10:45:43 am19/10/10
to rajdeo singh, indiantreepix
Thanks Rajdeo ji
I was wondering why there was no response from members
The reasons
Either the plant is very common and nobody is interested or it is very rare and difficult to ID.
I think the first sentence is correct
The plant does appear to be Pulicaria wightiana
Dr Phadke

Satish Phadke

19-Oct-2010, 10:54:26 am19/10/10
to rajdeo singh, indiantreepix
I just searched the emails so far on Efloraindia
There are only two mails which contain the words Pulicaria wightiana
Both posts have been sent by Garg ji. Plants seen from Ananthagiri hills AP.
The picstures are also present on FOI site belong to him
Only one response to the mail from Shrikant ji..................
to check for long peduncle which is hollow and enlarged upwards.
Dr Phadke
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