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Gurcharan Singh

Feb 8, 2021, 7:26:42 AMFeb 8
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Cistanthe grandiflora (Lindl.) Schltdl. 
(syn: Calandrinia grandiflora Lindl.
Common name: Rock Purslane
Perhaps no two species are confused so much as Calandrinia grandiflora and C. spectabilis, even listed as synonyms are considered synonyms in several websites due to very similar flowers,  but in reality they are so distinct that they are placed in two different genera now. They can be differentiated as below:
Calandrinia spectabilis Otto & A.Dietr.: Leaves 3-5 cm long, rhombic tp spathulate, light green,  inflorescence ca 60 cm tall, leaves and sepals with elongate unicellular hairs, sepals distinctly angular or keeled, capsules valves reflexed after dehiscence, margins involute. 
Cistanthe grandiflora (Lindl.) Schltdl. (syn: Calandrinia grandiflora Lindl.: Leaves 12-20 cm long, narrowly elliptic narrowed into broad petiole, with acute apex, ,  grey green, elongate hairs absent on leaves and sepals, sepals not distinctly keeled, capsule valves not reflexed after dehiscence, margins not involute.
Sharing Cistanthe grandiflora from Summerwinds nursery, Sunnyvale, California, photographed on 20-7-2014.

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