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Tejal V.

Jul 11, 2008, 8:07:36 AM7/11/08

Hey People, Apologies for Cross posting.  HERE IS SOMETHING TO SHARE & AN ACTIVITY FOR ALL OF US IF YOU LIKE........

I have collected sprouted seeds & seedlings of many plants all from the road side. I have planted them in bags at least some will survive & become saplings which would then be planted in ground to become 'plants for future'. I have been doing this for some time now, Anoop an enthusiastic friend also helped me with this. Before rains I collect dry seeds & after rains, the sprouted seeds/seedlings/saplings. I call it 'Adoption' ;  some friends are getting into it.....I want to spread this activity/habit and get many involved into this.

ADOPTION ....There are many plants along the road, in the garden, in the society /office /school /college/ hospital / any building compound. These plants bear fruits, their seeds fall/ get dispersed & some sprout too. They further go on to become seedlings -some also reach the sapling stage but then most of them wither out because we have blocked there way to growth ; reasons....
> not enough space
> get crushed by vehicle movement
> people walking
> its all concrete -non availability of soil & water.

Such 'future-plants' need to be 'Adopted' & each one of us can do this. Just collect ready sprouted seeds/seedlings/saplings & provide them soil & water, first in a bag & later a ground space for them to grow BIG.

Sometimes during plantations, it is difficult to get specific plants in nurseries, especially the indigenous plant variety.. Collection of ready saplings from areas where they are unlikely to survive for want of space/water/soil can solve the unavailability of saplings of indigenous species.

NURSERY for all....Every balcony a place for sapling.... Instead of one place to keep such saplings, each one of us can utilise a small corner of our house (which gets enough sunlight) for saplings......If many are ready to get involved we can have some saplings ready to be planted... a list of all the collected-surviving sapling could be made & if anyone wants saplings for plantation it could be provided. Should there be any charge ??? well here is another idea..... the person who wants the sapling/s should give it in writing where it would be planted & how he/she plans to monitor post plantation plant-care. Also in return of every sapling, the person who is taking it should preferably give a bag of garden soil.... as soil is the only thing that would cost (at least in cities).

Solving the soil problem....Getting soil is a problem....Mainly in cities as there is no space left for soil.. everything is covered with tiles & concrete. It is really unfortunate that we have to buy soil for growing plants... I have come up with a part solution.....I use the unavoidable plastic bags which come with groceries...bread/grain packets...collect the kitchen waste in one of the bags daily ( leftover tea powder/ vegetable leaves with just a little soil is the best as it decomposes fast & does not even stink.) Small holes are made in the bag to let the access water drip. Everyday one such bag gets done, which is kept aside for the waste to decompose & turn into compost/soil. This way at least half of the bag gets filled with soil/compost to which garden soil is added later to completely fill the bag...ready to use......

If most of us start doing this we will have healthy saplings ready for plantation and in the process we would have also put to good use our daily garbage.

So are you ready for some ADOPTION ..........no organisation involved.... only individuals... this will be totally voluntary & up to individual interest /capacity regardless of age/gender/status/positions/place/......it is for the people who want to do something for Mother Nature ...........Write to me & I will prepare a list of those who want to get involved, it could then be converted into one mailing forum just to keep every one in loop to pass information on adoption-collection, transplantation, plantation..etc..etc..

I will be collecting 'future-plants' from the road (JVPD area), this Sunday (13/07/2008) 3 to 4 pm. Call me if you wanna join......





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