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Pankaj Kumar

13-Jul-2010, 5:26:37 pm13/07/10
to indiantreepix, pankaj...@rediffmail.com
I think I am too tired and so I will take some leave. Tomorrow some
friends (Aassistant Professors) from Texas are coming and with them I
would be leaving for field work to Gori Valley hence I may not be able
to contribute much to the community. I would be back on 24th but would
be too busy with work till 31st. Hence apologies for being absent.
For the time being you can enjoy some ornamental orchid pics which I
took at the National Orchid Conference held at Almora. These flowers
were from Mr. U.C.Pradhan's private nursery in Kalimpong. He had
always been a great help to me since 2003, infact tomorrow's visit of
friends and trip to Gori Valley is result of his efforts, and hence I
dedicate all these pictures to him although he is not a part of this
group, so he cant see these but he has already seen those on my
Hope you will enjoy.

To your surprise some of these hybrids are his own and his wife's
creations through hybridization. He also happens to be the author of
two volume book INDIAN ORCHIDS and is Chairperson of IUCN, SSC, Orchid
Specialist Group for South Asia and one of the most modest person I
have ever met in my life along with my boss Dr. Rawat.

Please dont mind if I choke up your inboxes!!!! that is not my intention.


Cymbidium 01 (1).JPG
Cymbidium 01 (2).JPG
Cymbidium 02.JPG
Epidendrum 01.JPG
Epidendrum 02.JPG
Paphiopedilum (1).JPG
Paphiopedilum (2).JPG
Paphiopedilum (3).JPG
Vanda (1).JPG
Vanda (2).JPG
Vanda (3).JPG

Pankaj Kumar

13-Jul-2010, 5:29:52 pm13/07/10
to indiantreepix
Sorry missed this one...
Mr U C Pradhan & Me APRIL 2010.jpg

J.M. Garg

14-Jul-2010, 3:57:41 am14/07/10
to Pankaj Kumar, indiantreepix, pankaj...@rediffmail.com
Thanks, Pankaj ji,
Things have been different- with you around us.
We will look forward for your return from first week of July'10.

With regards,
J.M.Garg (jmg...@gmail.com)
'Creating awareness of Indian Flora & Fauna'
Image Resource of more than a thousand species of Birds, Butterflies, Plants etc. (arranged alphabetically & place-wise): http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:J.M.Garg
For learning about Indian Flora, visit/ join Google e-group- Efloraofindia:http://groups.google.co.in/group/indiantreepix

Pankaj Oudhia

14-Jul-2010, 4:06:27 am14/07/10
to efloraofindia
Agreed with Garg ji.

In our great country universities give Doctorate to Amitabh and Shahrukh and also corrupt politicians twice or thrice but never think of honoring great people like Mr.Pradhan. What a shame---

We will wait for your early return Pankaj Ji.


Pankaj Oudhia

Pankaj Kumar

14-Jul-2010, 6:21:05 am14/07/10
to gubbala ramakrishnarao, indiantreepix
No the Blue Vanda is not the one listed in Schedule VI, its a hybrid.
Blue vanda has long been used especially for its colour for
hybridization purpose.

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 2:29 PM, gubbala ramakrishnarao
<rkraog...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello members ,
> Is the vanda is the Blue vanda which is listed in the Sch.VI of Wildlife
> Protection act 1972. Please let me know sir,
> G.Rama krishna Rao

promila chaturvedi

14-Jul-2010, 8:58:44 am14/07/10
to Pankaj Oudhia, efloraofindia
Lovely Orchid pictures and thanks to you and Mr. Pradhan.
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