Verbascum from Nahan

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Balkar Arya

Apr 10, 2010, 12:50:35 PM4/10/10
to indiantreepix
Dear All
Verbascum chinense ????
From Nahan Photo taken June 2008
pls validate id

Balkar Singh
Verbascum from Nahan.jpg
Verbascum from Nahan1.jpg

tanay bose

Apr 10, 2010, 11:50:26 PM4/10/10
to Balkar Arya, indiantreepix
Dear Balkar Ji,
I also think this plant is..............

Verbascum chinense (Linnaeus) Santapau, Fl. Purandhar. 90. 1958.

Scrophularia chinensis Linnaeus, Mant. Pl. 2: 250. 1771; Celsia coromandeliana Vahl; Verbascum coromandelianum (Vahl) Kuntze; V. sinense H. Léveillé & Giraud.

Annuals or biennials. Stems 50-100 cm, branched apically, sparsely glandular pilose. Petiole of basal and lower stem leaves 3-8 mm; leaf blade pandurate, 5-8 cm; lobes 3-5, terminal lobe ovate, elliptic, or oblong, margin serrate distally, usually double serrate or lobed proximally. Other stem leaves short petiolate or sessile; leaf blade ovate, elliptic, or ovate-triangular. Raceme to 20 cm, simple or branched. Rachises, bracts, pedicels, and calyces glandular pilose. Flowers solitary at each node. Pedicel to 5 mm, elongating to 1 cm in fruit. Calyx 3-4.5 mm; lobes elliptic-oblong. Corolla yellow, ca. 1 cm in diam. Stamens 4, didynamous; filaments woolly; anthers reniform. Capsule ovoid, 6-7 mm longer than persistent calyx, glandular. Fl. and fr. Mar-Aug.


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Gurcharan Singh

Apr 10, 2010, 11:53:49 PM4/10/10
to tanay bose, Balkar Arya, indiantreepix
Yes Balkar ji and Tanay
It is Verbascum chinense

Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Retired  Associate Professor
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tanay bose

Apr 11, 2010, 12:23:35 AM4/11/10
to Gurcharan Singh, Balkar Arya, indiantreepix
Thanh You Sir ji for validating the identification.
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