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Gurcharan Singh

30 Apr 2011, 9:11:00 am30/04/11
to efloraofindia
Dear members

Ours is a unique group in which members from different backgrounds interact to exchange information about the plants being photographed and uploaded. Where we have people like Vijayasankar ji, Tanay, Pankaj ji, Muthu ji, Ritesh ji, Balkar ji, Nidhan ji (to name a few) who are hard core taxonomists, we have Shrikant ji, Tabish ji, Dinesh ji, Prashant ji, Pravin ji, Garg ji, who are not botanists but have gained lot of experience and expertise about plants. We also have people like Yazdy ji and Neil ji who have known plants intimately by virtually living among plants, Neil ji having mixed this up with extreme expertise through friendship with Dr. Almeida. All of us have one passion of photography, that binds us together.
    While communicating with each other, it is important to maintain the level of interaction keeping this background in mind. When interacting with taxonomists we would use technical terms, botanical codes because we know people understand these well. When interacting with non-botanists, we would simplify these terms and try to explain in a language which these friends can understand. Some of us mix this up small stories, talk of their folk use and herbal remedies (we are lucky to have Dr. Pankj Oudyia), and all of us usually keep this in mind while interacting. Those who don't, often find the interaction unpleasant, as we have seen several times.
   It is always good and appropriate that when a new member joins the group, he or she provides some detailed information so that other members know the level of interaction with that member. I did that when I first joined the group, not only that I also wrote individually to some members to know them better for proper interaction. 
    I would also request that members recommending new persons to join the group should provide (on their behalf) or reqyest the member to give first self introduction to the group.


Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Retired  Associate Professor
SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007
Res: 932 Anand Kunj, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018.
Phone: 011-25518297  Mob: 9810359089

Yazdy Palia

1 May 2011, 7:59:22 am01/05/11
to Gurcharan Singh, efloraofindia
Thank you Dr Gurcharan Singh ji. You have taken our interaction to a
different level, besides creating an interest in botany to novices
like me.
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