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Gagan Garg

May 8, 2011, 3:01:52 PM5/8/11
to indian...@googlegroups.com
Requesting to identify this plant. 
I tried searching for tree rose but am baffled by the stump size in image 1. 
I dont have higher resolution images. 
The multiple colours look like some grafting was done. 
Can someone pls explain in detail what we seem to have here and how this has been achieved. 

Thanks and regards,

tree rose 1.jpg
tree rose 2.jpg
tree rose 3.jpg

Dr Pankaj Kumar

May 8, 2011, 5:02:17 PM5/8/11
to efloraofindia
Looks like some species of Camellia to me. Not rose.
>  tree rose 1.jpg
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>  tree rose 2.jpg
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>  tree rose 3.jpg
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Ushadi micromini

May 8, 2011, 8:41:05 PM5/8/11
to Gagan Garg, efloraofindia, Pankaj Kumar
dear Gagan: nice bushy "Tree"... I agree with Pankaj Kumar:
dense leathery leaves are that of camellia... and flowers none too
clear seem to be camellia too....

I want know this from you, please ....
what state or country did you see this tree?
what time of the year was it when you photographed this tree ?

thanks for responding,
usha di

On May 9, 12:01 am, Gagan Garg <garg....@gmail.com> wrote:


May 9, 2011, 1:56:16 AM5/9/11
to Ushadi micromini, efloraofindia, Pankaj Kumar
Dear Dr Pankaj and Ushadi,
Thank you for your inputs. I can't get this 'tree' out of my head :)
Ushadi - the pics are from a video extract shot in Hawkes bay, New Zealand of legendary biodynamic farmer Peter Proctor "One man,one cow,one planet"

Thanks and regards,
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Ushadi micromini

May 9, 2011, 11:11:54 AM5/9/11
to garg...@gmail.com, efloraofindia, Gurcharan Singh
Dear Gagan: did you take this video? when? and do you know mr
proctor? How does he manage Biodynamic farming in these modern days?
DOes he still bury cow horns full of nutrition in the soil and
develop ' fertilizer' as done in the beginning of biodynamic farming?
Would love to know....
Usha di


JM Garg

Jul 11, 2020, 5:44:16 AM7/11/20
to efloraofindia, garg...@gmail.com
tree rose 1.jpg
tree rose 2.jpg
tree rose 3.jpg
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