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J.M. Garg

Jun 18, 2008, 2:37:17 AM6/18/08
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Subject: Fw: [Indiantreepix] Calophyllum inophyllum -  as they receive their first dunking
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Thanks for sharing your stunning pix. It's also called Punnaga in Sanskrit in India, sacred and planted in temples, and the common English name is Alexandrine laurel or the tamanu oil tree in the South Pacific (after the amazing oil from the fruit, which has all sorts of cosmetic and medicinal values). In the coastal region of Maharashtra, the tree is called Undi (after the ladoo-like globular fruit). Calophyllum also in Latin means beautiful leaf and a closely related tree is called Raan Undi or Forest Laurel, (Mammea suriga earlier known as Ochrocarpus longifolious) also Suragi or Surangi, the heady flowers of which are used in bridal wreaths and ceremonial noose-gays, especially in Goa and Karnataka. The Undi is one of the few trees that can withstand being submerged in saline water high tides and is therefore extensively planted in countries like Australia. As to why this ancient-pedigreed tree should be called Alexandrine, there is a bit of mystery for us to solve!
Vithal Nadkarni
PS: After resisting this beautiful tree for years (because it is slow growing), I have finally given in to its charms and planted a four-foot grafted (?) sapling which is thriving in my garden at Mulund in Mumbai.

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Subject: [Indiantreepix] Calophyllum inophyllum - as they receive their first dunking
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Come June and it's time to welcome the monsoons which announces its arrival with a burst of rainfall, sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning. Soon, everything turns green and what a sight the trees make looking lush and beautiful as they receive their first dunking.

This time,  while at the Someshwara beach, west coast, we got to witness and experience the beauty of the monsoons., we saw this lovely specimen of a tree that bore both flowers and fruits.

 request the same to be identification (Hope it narrows down to Calophyllum inophyllum, clusiacea,  )
habitat:    coastal region
place:      someshwar beach, Mangalore
date:        jun 8, 2008
Raghu / Sunita

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