Malvaceae week 0905 9112011 UD 035 Theobroma cacao

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ushadi Micromini

Sep 11, 2011, 12:50:39 PM9/11/11
to efloraofindia, Balkar Arya, Gurcharan Singh, Madhuri Pejaver

Malvaceae week 0905-9112011 UD 035 Theobroma cacao

Dear All:

I had been watching and talking about this tree for many years, many paper prints and cellulosic negatives later finally got some digital pics… but then it had no fruit to speak of, only very pretty flowers and nice thick trunk… and flowers strewn on the floor of the NYBG conservatory…  these are from summer 0f 2008 when I had a digital contraption…

Family: Malvaceae

Subfamily:           Byttnerioideae

Tribe:                         Theobromateae

Genus:                           Theobroma L.

Species                       Theobroma cacao L.


If I find the fruit pics of this particular tree I’ll post them in this thread later….  Don’rt know when…


Usha di


Three pics…


Theobroma cacao 1 flower buds cauliflory 006 sm crp nm.jpg
Theobroma cacao 2 flowers on the ground 008 sm nm.jpg
Theobroma cacao flower buds cauliflory 006 sm crp nm.jpg

ushadi Micromini

Sep 11, 2011, 12:58:47 PM9/11/11
to efloraofindia, Gurcharan Singh, J.M. Garg, Balkar Arya
sorry messed up the subjet line ... so went as a different thread.. can that be deleted?

message was " Sorry 1 and 3 are the same... did not mean it...
the real number three is attached now:
usha di'

Theobroma cacao 3 BARK 002 sm crp nm.jpg
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