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Aarti S. Khale

May 9, 2011, 1:59:46 AM5/9/11
to efloraofindia
Taken during the 'Tree Appreciation Walk' at Five Gardens,Mumbai,
Maharashtra on the 10th of April,2011 along with Dr.Usha ji and Renee
Have these been posted earlier?
Pictures showing flower on tree, fallen flower against the tree bark,
pod on tree and seeds.
DSCN1860-Seeds of Samudrasinghi.JPG

shrikant ingalhalikar

May 10, 2011, 12:49:04 PM5/10/11
to efloraofindia
It is amazing that this mangrove tree exists in a Mumbai garden. It is
rarely seen only on the coastal rivers of Sindhudurg and Goa. Congrats
Dr. Usha and Renee for locating this. Are there anymore of these trees
in Mumbai? Regards,
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May 16, 2011, 7:35:46 AM5/16/11
to shrikant ingalhalikar, efloraofindia
Mangroove tree???? how

 - H.S.

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shrikant ingalhalikar

May 16, 2011, 11:33:50 AM5/16/11
to efloraofindia
H.S. ji, could you please tell us where all you have seen these trees.
Regards, Shrikant

shrikant ingalhalikar

May 16, 2011, 11:19:06 PM5/16/11
to efloraofindia
H.S. ji, I believe this tree to be D. spathacea (Linn. f.) K. Schum.
With these fotos pls tell us the correct sc. name. To see this tree
yourself you could visit Five Gardens in Mumbai which of course is (a
man groove) not a mangrove habitat. Regards, Shrikant

On May 16, 8:33 pm, shrikant ingalhalikar <>
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May 17, 2011, 2:38:07 AM5/17/11
to shrikant ingalhalikar, efloraofindia
Dolichandrone spathacea (Linn. f.) K. Schum. is obviously not a MANGROVE species in India.... it is considered a Mangrove species in Singapore... which mostly grows back of the mangroves...

anyone can locate this species in semi-evergreen forest or deciduous forest,, mostly near some forts.. in Maharashtra...

Its common name is Medshingi... dont know from where Samudrashingi name came....

Plant is Native to Asia and New Caledonia

Aarti S. Khale

May 17, 2011, 3:34:29 AM5/17/11
to H S,,
H S Ji,
This name 'Samudrashingi' was given to me at the 'Tree appreciation
Walk' at Five Gardens during April in Mumbai.
Medshingi were the ones I had posted earlier photographed near Pune
and identified as D. falcata.
Now I am really confused.

Dinesh Valke

May 17, 2011, 4:06:01 AM5/17/11
to H S, shrikant ingalhalikar, efloraofindia
... medhshingi is an apt name for Dolichandrone falcata.

Not sure if this name is shared by Dolichandrone spathacea  ... whatever its regional name in Maharashtra, is not yet popular.
Am sure Shrikant ji has coined this name samudrashingi to reflect the plant's habitat ... mangrove.

Not comfortable with the knowledge that a mangrove species in one part of globe changes its intrinsic nature elsewhere.

Distribution of Dolichandrone spathacea per NPGS / GRIN [ ] is tropical Asia lining seas and oceans, and islands in s-w Pacific ocean.
Within India it is found distributed in coasts of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu ... rare occurrences along coasts of Maharashtra and Goa are now recorded.


shrikant ingalhalikar

May 17, 2011, 8:53:45 AM5/17/11
to efloraofindia
Aarti ji I am sure you recollect the size of flower of this plant (D.
spathacea, Samudrashingi) to be 20 cm or 4 to 5 times bigger than D.
falcata, Medshingi. The habitat in wild is coastal swamps in south
Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. It is interesting that such a rare
tree is 'planted' in Mumbai. You gave all necessary details to
distinguish this plant from D. falcata except the size of flower. Hope
your confusion is now sorted out. You seem to be encountering some
unusual plants hence this difficulty. Regards, Shrikant

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Aarti S. Khale

May 17, 2011, 11:00:12 AM5/17/11
to shrikant ingalhalikar,,,
Dinesh ji and Shrikant ji,
Thanks for all the additional info.
Shrikant ji....I definitely remember the flowers of D. spathacea to be
much bigger than the other D. falcata which I had seen only in the
buds stage. But what I really remember that this flower
'Samudrashingi' had a very long stem...almost double in size than the
flower. Never seen such a long stem before.

On May 17, 4:53 pm, shrikant ingalhalikar <>

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