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Aarti S. Khale

Mar 18, 2010, 4:44:18 AM3/18/10

Date/Time : 16th of November, 2009/  12.55 pm.
Location Place : Nasik ... Altitude :  ... GPS
Habitat : Wild ... Type :
Plant Habit : Herb ... Height : small plant ... Length
Leaves Type :  ... Shape :  ... Size
Inflorescence Type :  ... Size
Flowers Size : about 1 cm ... Colour : yellow with white centre ... Calyx :  ... Bracts
Fruits Type :  ... Shape :  ... Size :  ... Seeds

Other Info :
Fragrance : did not check ...  Pollinator :  ...  Uses

Dinesh ji,
This is the third tiny yellow flower taken by me.Had sent the others earlier.
Found growing wild in a field at Nasik. Also saw these at roadsides in many places.
Is it a type of Mallow?


tanay bose

Mar 18, 2010, 9:14:15 AM3/18/10
to Aarti S. Khale,
Dear Arati Ji,
Can i identify the plant or only Dinesh Ji can ? Just making my efforts hope you will consider.....
Malachra capitata (Linn.) Linn., Syst.Nat.ed. 12.2:458. 1767. Mast, in Hook.f.,l.c. 329; Stewart in Nasir & Ali, Ann.Cat. Vasc.Pl.W.Pak. & Kash. 480.1972.
Synonym: Sida capitata Linn., Sp. Pl. 685. 1753.
Family : Malvaceae


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Dinesh Valke

Mar 18, 2010, 9:58:28 AM3/18/10
to tanay bose, Aarti S. Khale,
a native of tropical America, commonly known as: Brazil jute, malachra, yellow leafbract • Bengali: বন ভিংডী ban bhindi • Gujarati: પરદેસી ભિંડૉ pardesi bhindo • Hindi: वन भिंडी van bhindi, विलायती भिंडी vilayati bhindi • Marathi: भूर भेंडी bur bhendi, परदेशी भेंडी pardeshi bhendi,  रान भेंडी raan bhendi,  विलायती भेंडी vilayati bhendi


Satish Phadke

Mar 18, 2010, 11:29:39 AM3/18/10
to Aarti S. Khale,
Malachra capitata
Dr Phadke
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