Coining Malayalam name for Peristylus lawii Wight

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Dinesh Valke

Mar 29, 2024, 12:49:18 AMMar 29
to efloraofindia, Sam Kuzhalanattu
Dear Sam ji,

Let me put here for sake of reference, our conversation regarding the coining of the Malayalam name for Peristylus lawii Wight

A joint word flower-arrow that literally translates to പൂവമ്പ് poovambu will be used as a generic name for Peristylus spp. and specifically for P. lawii, the prefix മഞ്ഞുള്ള manjulla = misty ... suggestive of the plant's moist habitat is coined.

Thus മഞ്ഞുള്ള പൂവമ്പ് manjulla poovambu, a coined name in Malayalam, for Peristylus lawii Wight

Many thanks Sam ji for your help in coining the name.


Sam Kuzhalanattu

Mar 29, 2024, 4:48:20 AMMar 29
to Dinesh Valke, efloraofindia
Ok dear Dinesh ji.
Regards, Sam.
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