Local Trees of Gujarat - An Update..

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dhaivat hathi

Jan 22, 2009, 2:07:44 PM1/22/09
to Dhaivat
Hey Friends,
Me and my friend Rajdeep Jhala thought to start a conversation on our local trees of Gujarat..
So if any of us are willing to plant trees around us, we can get idea of which tree to plant.. We will put some basic pouints about the tree and its uses.
Suggestions are invited..
Our sourse of information is Trees Of India - Oxford University Press..
Local Gujarati Name - Khakharo / Keshudo
Local English name - Flame of the Forest, due to bright orange flowers.
Botenical name - Butea monosperma
Details - Medium size tree, less water requirements so can be planted where less care possible, animals dont eat its leaves so can be planted anywhere without much protection.. ornamental tree so can be planted on road side.. paradise for birdwatcher when its in full bloom..
Local Gujarati Name - Pangaro / Panervo
Local English name - Coral Tree
Botanical Name - Erythrina
Details - helps to increase fertility of soil as its roots contain nitrogen fixing bacteria.. Fast growing, hardy, ornamental due to its blooms, grows well even near sea coast, Attracts birds so very useful for birdwatcher..
Local Gujarati Name - Shemlo
Local English name - Silk Cotton Tree
Botanical Name - Bombax malabaricum
Details - Tall oranamental tree because of bulky flowers that are eaten by animals, especially deer. Humans too use it to make vegetable. When in bloom, always covered with birds and insects, especially Drongos, Mynas, Sunbirds, who love the nectear. Holes in trunks often used as nests by parakeets. Considered sacred to Lord Shiva and Buddha. Grows well even in coastal areas..

Have a nice time,
Dhaivat and Rajdeep..

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dhaivat hathi

Jan 22, 2009, 11:19:24 PM1/22/09
to Dinesh Valke, indiantreepix
Dear Dinesh ji,
we know Gujarati names only. if possible someone who knows other local names and uses, can put their posts.. thanks for boosting our energy level !
Dear Garg ji,
Thank you also, and from next mail, we will put one tree per mail..
Thanks.. !
Dhaivat & Rajdeep.

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 8:53 AM, Dinesh Valke <dinesh...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Dhaivat and Rajdeep,
Information is always useful; and I would like if possible, the names of plants also written in native script.
Regards and best wishes for the endeavour.

Dinesh Valke

Jan 23, 2009, 12:16:45 AM1/23/09
to dhaivat hathi, indiantreepix
Dear Dhaivat ji, I may not expressed correctly; I meant that it would be great to have the Gujarati names also written in (its native, Gujarati) script, something like this:
ખાખરો Khakharo / કેશુદો Keshudo
પાંગારો Pangaro / પાનેરવો Panervo
શેમલો Shemlo
Now, you see, I am not knowing Gujarati ... the attempts may show spelling errors (and sometimes it may mean or sound nasty !!).
I am quite nervous about this પાનેરવો .. I tried a few permutations at Gujarati Lexicon http://www.gujaratilexicon.com/index.php?action=dictionary&chngdictype=EG
Thus, if you put them in Gujarati script, it will be fool-proof ... will help everyone, and to me certainly.
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