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Prashant Awale

Mar 1, 2014, 2:11:56 AM3/1/14
to indiantreepix
Dear Friends,

Haplanthodes neilgherryensis  (Blue flowers)  

Location: Chikmagalur Region, karnataka.

Family: Acanthaceae

Date/Time: 27-01-2014 / 02:10PM

Habitat: Wild

Plant Habit: Herb


J.M. Garg

Mar 8, 2014, 12:18:07 AM3/8/14
to Prashant Awale, indiantreepix
Thanks, Prashant ji,
It's taxonomical litrature seems confused to me as below as per Haplanthodes tentaculatus:
Haplanthodes tentaculatus (Nees) Majumdar, Bull. Bot. Soc. Bengal 25:76. 1971(Syn: (≡) Haplanthus tentaculatus Nees (basionym); Synonyms: Bremkempia tentaculatus (L.) Sreemadhavan in Almeida, Fl. Mah. 4: 22, 2001. Ruellia tentaculata L. Cent. Pl. 2: 22, 1756. Haplanthus tentaculatus (L.) Nees in DC., Prodr. 1: 513, 1847 (p.p.); Cooke, Fl. Pres. Bombay 2: 453, 1958 (Repr.). H. tentaculatus (L.) var. nessiana Sant. in Bot. Mem. Univ. Bombay 2: 52, 1951.);
Haplanthodes tentaculatus (Nees) Majumdar, Bull. Bot. Soc. Bengal 25:76. 1971(Syn: (≡) Haplanthus tentaculatus Nees (basionym)) as per GRIN.
ThePlant List Ver.1.1  (Haplanthodes nilgherrensis (Wight) R.B.Majumdaris an unresolved name. This name is unresolved, but some data suggest that it is synonymous with Haplanthus nilgherrensis Wight )
Hope somebody is able to resolve it.
I am considering it as a syn. of Haplanthodes tentaculatus based on discussions so far in efi.

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With regards,

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J.M. Garg

Mar 8, 2014, 6:51:37 AM3/8/14
to Prashant Awale, indiantreepix
More details in Indian litrature are at Haplanthodes

J.M. Garg

Mar 8, 2014, 6:55:39 AM3/8/14
to Prashant Awale, indiantreepix
As per these, Haplanthodes nilgherrensis (Wight) R.B.Majumdar & Haplanthodes tentaculatus (L.) R.B.Majumdar accepted names of the species & both are different. This genera is endemic to India.
Thus we have to sort out our plants at  Haplanthodes tentaculatus into these two species.

Aarti S. Khale

Mar 9, 2014, 5:08:31 AM3/9/14
to indian...@googlegroups.com
Beautiful pictures.
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