Convolvulaceae: Merremia vitifolia

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sheetal chaudhari

Feb 3, 2011, 7:11:40 AM2/3/11
to efloraofindia

Merremia vitifolia (Burm. f.) Hall. f., Bot. Jahrb. 16: 552, 1893. Alm Flr . maharastra 3B : 343. 2001 Flora of Maharastra State 2 : 478 . 2001.


Convolvulus vitifolius Burm. f., Fl. Ind. 45, t. 18, f. 1, 1768.

I. vitifolius (Burm. f.) Blume, Bijdr. 709, 1825.


Perrenial twiner ; Stem long, stout, brown , much branched , the young ones clothed with long spreading hairs , old stems woody , glabrescent and warted . Leaves 5- 15 cm in diameter ; young once bronze coloured , all pamately cut about 1/3 the way down or a little more , into 5or sometimes 7 , triangular acute or acuminate lobes, more or less hairy above and on the nerves beneath , margins coarsely serrate- dentate , cordate at base ; petioles 1- 5cm long , patently hairy. Flowers 1- 7 in pedunculate cymes ; peduncles 6-12cm long ; patently hairy ; buds pointed ; bracts linear , caducous. Calyx 1- 1.5 cm long, more or less densely clothed outside with long spreading hairs , sepals rather more than 1 cm long , enlarged in fruit, broadly elliptic, obtuse , the outer two slightly shorter, apiculate. Corolla 3-4 cm long, yellow, subcampanulate, bands distinct , membranous, strongly lineate. Stamens 5, included, filaments filiform, hairy at base, anthers yellow, sagitate, twisted, subequal. Ovary glabrous, sub-globose. Capsules 1cm in diameter , subglobose, 2-celled, 4-valved. Seeds normally 4, glabrous, black.


Sheetal Pachpande

Merremia vitifolia.jpg

tanay bose

Feb 3, 2011, 8:19:08 AM2/3/11
to, efloraofindia
Thanks Sheetal Ji for providing the such a nice photo with description of the plant
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Balkar Arya

Feb 4, 2011, 5:58:35 AM2/4/11
to tanay bose,, efloraofindia
Good Approach Sheetal Ji 

Dr Balkar Singh
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Gurcharan Singh

Feb 4, 2011, 6:13:10 AM2/4/11
to Balkar Arya, tanay bose,, efloraofindia
Great Sheetal ji
It would be ideal if all our species pages look like this (with of course local names  and other things already added by Garg ji in test pages).

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