On international demand for Tobacco leaves and its impact on the native trees lifespan

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raghu ananth

Feb 16, 2010, 3:34:54 PM2/16/10
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On international demand for Tobacco leaves and its impact on the native trees lifespan

 During my birding & tree sighting trips in Mysore district, Karnataka. I sometime try to know &  photograph old and heritage trees. Soon,  I find it tough to sight trees and realize there are hardly any trees which are more than 20 years old, other than those found near temples, railway stations, various government premises and exclusive farms. Thanks to the tobacco growers and contractors for they spare no trees. They buy all kinds of trees from villagers, growing anywhere - in the open fields, farms, canal, river edges, schools and even the road side trees. The wood logs are later taken to  tobacco auction places in neigbouring places and districts  to be burnt in kilns to dry tobacco leaves.

 With international demand for the locally grown tobacco (FCV – Flue cured VirginiaMysore tobacco) leaves increasing and prices soaring from Rs. 48/kg (year 2006) to Rs 95/- (year 2009) and upto Rs. 150/kg this year, there is less chance for the trees to inhabit the earth. 

Again, it’s a known fact that once tobacco plants are grown in agricultural fields for couple of years, the land loses its ability to grow other crops.  

On another side, the demands of civilization makes the the Govt. to take massive projects like road widening process, highways and bridges in my town which have made countless age old road side trees cut down and leave no trace of its existence.

The nursery run by the forest dept grows & supply saplings recommended by the dept. A good initiative.

We could find Indigenous trees like Mysore fig itself  missing in the nursery. 

Sometimes I wonder as if the native trees have lost their rights to completing their full life span. 

Thanks again to the meddling of human beings. ) 




Mysore dist


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Feb 17, 2010, 12:52:57 AM2/17/10
to efloraofindia
well said Ananth Ji. i appreciate you view....these pictures like all
other such pictures wrench my heart to such an extent that i cant
explain. but i think it becomes the responsibility of people like us
on Indian tree pix and people like you who i think regularly go on
such birding and tree sighting trips to project the gravity of such
situations through our photographs and knowledge thereof. let us join
our efforts to save the soul (which no doubt are these innocent
victims of human greed) of such social networking of experts and
amateurs as Indian tree pix.


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Pardeshi S.

Feb 17, 2010, 4:20:58 AM2/17/10
to efloraofindia
The Municipal nurseries generally propagates sapling of trees which
are fast growing and hardy. because of this we can find most of the
exotic trees are available in the nursery. the municipality of Mumbai
grows only Peltophorum, Cassia siamea, Delonix regia, Samania saman,
and Sterculia foetida. you will rarely find other trees in their

Satish Pardeshi

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