Some flowering plants from Kalesar National Park, Haryana

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Suresh C. Sharma

Mar 17, 2009, 12:58:27 PM3/17/09
to indiantreepix
Attaching some flowering plants from Asan Barrage, Dehradun and nearby Kalesar National Park, Haryana.
As I am learning to ID these plants, ID help is requested.
Flora-Asan2.jpg is a Dhatura, but it is not pure white. Is it another species?
Flowers-in-Kalesar6.jpg :looks like American Mint?
Flowers-in-Kalesar2.jpg - abundantly flower all around.
Kind regs,
Suresh C Sharma

Nayan Singh

Mar 18, 2009, 1:23:08 AM3/18/09
to Suresh C. Sharma, indiantreepix
Dear Suresh,
your plants looks like
Datura mete
Dicliptera spe. from Acanthaceae
& Clerodendron infortunatum from Verbinaceae
N.S.Dungriyal IFS
Chief Conservator of Forests
and Field Director
Satpura Tiger Reserve Hoshangabad

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J.M. Garg

Mar 20, 2009, 7:14:47 AM3/20/09
to Nayan Singh, Suresh C. Sharma, indiantreepix
Thanks, Nayan ji.
There seems to be some confusion in the use of Datura fastuosa (L.) as synonym for it as per details furnished in the links below. 
Some extracts from Wikipedia link:

Datura metel, commonly known as Angel's Trumpet, Devil's trumpet, metel, downy thorn-apple and, along with Datura stramonium, zombie cucumber is a shrub-like perennial herb.

Datura metel grows in the wild in all the warmer parts of the world, and is cultivated worldwide for its chemical and ornamental properties. It was first described by Linnaeus in 1753, but no botanically correct illustrations or descriptions were made until after the New World was settled. It is not possible to be sure about its original home.[1]

The plant is an annual herb growing up to 3 ft. high. It is slightly furry, with dark violet shoots and oval to broad oval leaves that are often dark violet as well. The pleasantly-scented 6-8 in. flowers are immensely varied, and can be single or double. Colors range from white to cream, yellow, red, and violet. The seed capsule is covered with numerous conical humps and a few spines.[1]. It is similar to D. inoxia, but D. metel has almost glabrous leaves and fruits that are knobby, not spiny. D. inoxia is pilose all over and has a spiny fruit.

A cultivar of D. metel with a polished-looking ebony-black stem exists as a garden plant. Its flowers normally have a double or triple corolla, each corolla having a deep purple exterior and white or off-white interior. The plant is already reported to have become naturalised in Israel (see illustration). The black cultivar might become a common roadside dweller, like its white-flowered ancestor.

It is known under serveral cultivar names as; 'Black', 'Blackcurrant Swirl', 'Cornucopaea', 'Double Blackcurrant Swirl', 'Double Purple', 'Purple Hindu'. It has also received many scientific names which should not be used for a cultivar:

  • Datura hummatu var. fastuosa (L.) Bernh.
  • Datura fastuosa L.
  • Datura metel f. fastuosa (L.) Danert
  • Datura metel var. fastuosa (L.) Saff.
  • Stramonium fastuosum (L.) Moench
2009/3/18 Nayan Singh <>

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Nayan Singh

Mar 21, 2009, 9:26:03 AM3/21/09
to J.M. Garg, indiantreepix
Dear Garg ji
yes Datura metel L.,  D. fastuosa L, D. fastuosa var alba Clarke are synonyms.  
N.S.Dungriyal IFS
Chief Conservator of Forests
and Field Director
Satpura Tiger Reserve Hoshangabad

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To: Nayan Singh <>
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Sent: Friday, 20 March, 2009 4:44:47 PM
Subject: [indiantreepix:9472] Re: Some flowering plants from Kalesar National Park, Haryana

JM Garg

Jul 16, 2020, 7:20:50 AM7/16/20
to efloraofindia
On further examination and discussions at thread: Dicliptera bupleuroides Nees (accepted name) ??? , I feel it should be Dicliptera riparia Nees (syn: Dicliptera roxburghiana var. riparia (Nees) Benoist) as per distribution, specimens and references herein
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