Caesalpinia pulcherrima from Delhi

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singhg .

Sep 16, 2009, 2:43:33 PM9/16/09
to indiantreepix
Today seems to be day for Caesalpinia.
Here is Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. from Vikas Puri New Delhi.
Common names: Barbados flower-fence; Barbados-pride; Dwarf poinciana; Flower-fence; Paradise-flower; and  

Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Department of Botany
SGTB Khalsa College
University of Delhi
Res: 932 Anand Kunj
       Vikas Puri
       New Delhi-110018
Phone: 011025518297
Mobile: 9810359089


Sep 17, 2009, 12:59:22 AM9/17/09
to indiantreepix
One more common name:
Peacock Flower :-)
- Tabish
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Pardeshi S.

Sep 17, 2009, 6:28:10 AM9/17/09
to indiantreepix
is there any varietal names for Yellow and pink form of Caesalpinia

Satish Pardeshi
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Dinesh Valke

Sep 17, 2009, 6:38:22 AM9/17/09
to Tabish, indiantreepix
... an exotic plant from West Indies and tropical America, cultivated pan-tropically, commonly known as Barbados flower-fence, dwarf poinciana, paradise flower, pride of Barbados, red bird of paradise.
As Tabish pointed out - it is popularly known as peacock flower in India, and it is known in almost all regions of India :-- Assamese: krishnachura • Bengali: krishnachura • Hindi: कृष्ण चरण krishna-charan, कृष्ण चूरा krishna-chura • Kannada: ಚಣ್ಣಕೇಶವ ಗಿಡ channakeshava gida, ರತ್ನಗಮ್ಧಿ ratnagamdhi • Konkani: रत्नगंधी ratnagandhi • Manipuri: krishanchura • Marathi: मोरशेंडा morshenda, राजतुरा rajtura, संकासुर sankasur, शंकासूर shankasur, शंखासुर shankhasur • Mizo: krishanchura • Oriya: tarra • Sanskrit: कृष्णचूडा krishnachuda, रत्नगन्धि ratnagandhi • Tamil: மயிற்கொன்றை mayir-konrai • Urdu: gul-e-turra
I will not be surprised if this plant was introduced to India ages ago (exagerrating) !!

Dinesh Valke

Sep 17, 2009, 7:00:38 AM9/17/09
to Pardeshi S., indiantreepix
Satish ji, I was earlier mistakenly thought that the yellow variety was C. lutea ... until one of my flickr contact made me aware that there is no such species.
Thus C. pulcherrima var flava OR C. pulcherrima forma flava is rather the correct name for yellow variety.
Yet to know the name of pink-red variety.

satish pardeshi

Sep 17, 2009, 9:29:49 AM9/17/09
to Dinesh Valke, indiantreepix
Hello Dinesh Ji
i was just searching hte web and found out the following names
Flowers orange;---Caesalpinia pulcherrima Mexican Flame
Flowers pink:---Caesalpinia pulcherrima 'Compton',
Flower yellow----Caesalpinia pulcherrima var. flava
Flower pale yellow-----Caesalpinia pulcherrima var. Lemon Lace

thanx Dinesh Ji
Satish Pardeshi

Dinesh Valke

Sep 17, 2009, 9:39:29 AM9/17/09
to satish pardeshi, indiantreepix
Thank you very much, Satish ji ... that resolves some of my pending IDs at my flickr photostream.
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