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Nitin Kawthankar

Feb 8, 2023, 2:12:48 AM2/8/23

I was going through the eflora of India for Carissa species but saw that there is no Carissa congesta there, and it is listed as synonym of Carissa spinarum. but both species looks very different from each other, so searched for some literature and I got this. sharing to check and update.

Karthikeyan, S., Sanjappa, M. and Moorthy, S. (2009). Flowering Plants of India: Dicotyledons, Vol. I (Acanthaceae-Avicenneaceae). Botanical Survey of India. pp130-131.

Genus: Carissa (L., 1767)
1. Carissa carandas (L., 1882) : Throughout India.
2. Carissa congesta (Wight, 1958)
syn. Carissa carandas var. congesta ((Wight) Bedd., 1882)
     var. congesta (Wight, 1958) : NW & Peninsular India.
     var. albida (Santapau, 1967) : Maharashtra.
3. Carissa gangetica (Stapf ex Gamble, 1923) : E & S India.
4. Carissa grandiflora (A. DC., 1984) : Cultivated.
5. Carissa hirsuta (Roth, 1967) : E & S India.
syn. Carissa spinarum var. hirsuta ((Roth) Hook.f., 1882)
6. Carissa inermis (Vahl, 1967)
syn. Carissa macrophylla (A. DC., 1882)
syn. Carissa suavissima (Bedd. ex Hook.f., 1882)
syn. Carissa inermis var. macrophylla (Haines, 1922)
     var. inermis (Vahl, 1882) : E to Peninsular India.
     var. dalzellii (Haines, 1922) : E India.
7. Carissa opaca (Stapf ex Haines, 1984) : Throughout Himalayas & drier parts of India.
syn. Carissa paucinervia var. opaca ((Stapf ex Haines) Haines, 1922)
8. Carissa paucinervia (A. DC., 1290) : E NE & S India.
9. Carissa salicina (Lam., 1967) : Tamilnadu.
10. Carissa spinarum (L., 1882)
syn. Carissa diffusa (Roxb., 1871)
syn. Carissa spinarum var. diffusa ((Roxb.) Haines, 1922)
     var. spinarum (L., 1882) : Throughout drier parts of India.
     var. microphylla (Gamble, 1923) : S India.
     var. scandens (Haines, 1922) : E India.

Catalogue of Life also accepted this classification

Please refer this and update on site.

Thank you

Nitin Kawthankar,
Sindhudurg, Maharashtra.

J.M. Garg

Feb 10, 2023, 2:19:34 AM2/10/23
to, Nitin Kawthankar
Thanks, Nitin ji.
I think POWO is more reliable, as per which it is a synonym. 

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