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Michaela Polónyová

Nov 18, 2021, 4:53:25 AM11/18/21
to inception-users
Hello to the INCEpTION developers team, 

thanks to your earlier support, we have succesfully started using the INCEpTION tool for our anno project. As we started using it more, we stumbled across several additional questions we would like to discuss:

1. UIMA CAS JSON export contains field to carry information about document language, i.e. 
"DocumentMetaData" : [{ 
"sofa" : 1, 
"end" : 4906, 
"language" : "x-unspecified",
"documentTitle" : "cs_08_2021_116190344.txt", 
"documentId" : "honza",
"documentUri" : "file:/export/repository/project/10/document/1129/source/honza",
"collectionId" : "file:/export/repository/project/10/document/1129/source/",
"documentBaseUri" : "file:/export/repository/project/10/document/1129/source/",
"isLastSegment" : false

Is there a way for us to include doc language during import? Or is this possible only via Document repositories/ElasticSearch?

2. During our anno we use document metadata to label document with categories/topic labels. When we lock our documents to be curated, we can't any longer see the document metadata information in the curation mode - can we somehow overcome this?

3. Additionally, when we are in the curation mode and make changes to the final annotation, we then do not see the changes made in the original document annotated by the annotator.
We realize there is probably a reason behind this setup. However, from our perspective,  indicating the curator's changes in the annotator's document would allow us to send direct anno feedback or would help to visualize if a certain anno mistake is made more than just once.

Please let me know, should I provide further details concerning the individual bullet points above.

Kind regards, 

Jan-Christoph Klie

Nov 19, 2021, 4:43:32 PM11/19/21
to inception-users
Hello Michaela,
we are happy that you are using INCEpTION now. Regarding your questions:

1. I do not think that we expose the information of this very annotation in the INCEpTION UI. You could define a document level annotation layer for this and import your documents as XMI. This is a bit intricate though, we have some examples in [1]. If you decide to go this way, then we are happy to support you with it a bit.
2. Curation of document level layers is an often requested feature, but we did not find the time to implement it yet [2]. Is that what you mean?
3. The workflow of INCEpTION is geared towards merging annotations into a final curation document, based on the annotations made by users. We are aware of the use case you present and working on a solution to this, but it is not clear when it lands.

Sorry that I cannot give you better answers to your questions, you all raise valid concerns that we want to tackle in the future. Pull requests are welcome.


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