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Richard Eckart de Castilho

Nov 30, 2021, 1:07:15 PM11/30/21
to inception-users


We are pleased to announce the release of INCEpTION 21.2.

INCEpTION is an extensible web-based collaborative environment for text annotation. It integrates machine-learning-based annotation support, knowledge base management and corpus building into a single comprehensive platform.

This is a bug fix release.

Notable changes

  • 🦟 #2692 - Perseus treebank XML 2.1 not visible to annotate by @reckart in #2693
  • 🦟 #2694 - Unsupported features not properly detected by @reckart in #2695
  • 🦟 #2711 - Script direction may unintentionally reset to project default by @reckart in #2712
  • 🦟 #2719 - Fixed small issues in nginx documentation by @jcklie
  • 🦟 #2680 - Removed deprecated mem_limit in docker compose by @reckart

Full Changeloginception-21.1...inception-21.2

If you discover problems with this release, please report them to us via our issue tracker [2].

Thanks to the INCEpTION 21.2 team: @reckart@jcklie@Falko1

Also thanks to all issue reporters, beta testers, feature suggesters, and users!


The new version can be downloaded from our website [3].

Important upgrade notes

An in-place upgrade from INCEpTION 21.1 to 21.2 is possible.

Back up your data before the upgrade [4].

If you upgrade from a version older than 20.0, please check the update notes for INCEpTION 20.0 [7].

If you are using MySQL or MariaDB, please ensure that default row format is set to dynamic, otherwise, you may get an error like this during upgrade:

Error creating bean with name 'liquibase' defined in class path resource [org/springframework/boot/autoconfigure/liquibase/LiquibaseAutoConfiguration$LiquibaseConfiguration.class]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is liquibase.exception.LiquibaseException: liquibase.exception.MigrationFailedException: Migration failed for change set de/tudarmstadt/ukp/inception/preferences/model/db-changelog.xml::20210925-1::INCEpTION Team:
     Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: (conn=242839) Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes. [Failed SQL: (1709) ALTER TABLE `inception-testing`.default_project_preference ADD CONSTRAINT UK_default_project_preference_name_project UNIQUE (project, name)]

To set the default row format, you can add these settings to your MySQL/MariaDB config file and then restart the database:



An overview of INCEpTION can be found in

Klie, J.-C., Bugert, M., Boullosa, B., Eckart de Castilho, R. and Gurevych, I. (2018):
The INCEpTION Platform: Machine-Assisted and Knowledge-Oriented Interactive Annotation.
In Proceedings of System Demonstrations of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2018), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

PDF and BibTeX as well as more publications on specific features are
available from our website [5].

License and System requirements

INCEpTION is provided as open source software under the Apache License version 2.

Running INCEpTION requires Java version 11 or higher.

By default, INCEpTION uses an embedded database which is sufficient for testing. However, the use of a MariaDB database is recommended.

INCEpTION works best with Chrome and Safari.

-- The INCEpTION developer team

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