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Note: Community discussion of iNaturalist has moved to We're leaving this Google Group up for historical purposes.

Welcome to the iNaturalist Google Group! We use this group as an all-purpose forum for discussing the site, so please fire away with support requests, feature suggestions, etc. This is not a place to get help identifying organisms. That's what iNaturalist is for! If you have specific issues that include sensitive information or you'd like to send a screenshot, please email us directly at When describing a problem you have with the website, please include URLs! Seriously. When you say things like "my observation isn't showing the right date" we have no idea how to help you unless you include the URL of that observation. Otherwise we don't know what observation you're talking about. If you're describing a problem in one of the mobile apps, please tell us which app (Android or iPhone) and describe the view you're on in as much detail as possible (titles, layout). Screenshots are even better.

Please Note:
We have recently added tags to help us better organize your feedback! From now on, please select a tag while writing a post. This is located under the post text field. Thanks!

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