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Sep 29, 2018, 3:27:58 AM9/29/18
to iNaturalist
When I download a data set for my 1442 observations, a handful of the scientific names for trinomials (not the longest ones) are being truncated in the data.

Most of the scientific names for subspecies or varieties download fine, as complete unranked trinomials, example: Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia bipinnatifida.

But a few download as partial (truncated) ranked trinomials, examples: "Aquilegia coerulea va" for Aquilegia coerulea var. coerulea; "Artemisia tridentata subs" for Artemisia tridentata subsp. wyomingensis.

For the names with problems, it seems to happen with all observations for that name when there are multiples.  So makes me think there is an issue with the taxon data and not with the download function per se.

If you want to replicate:

The download is initiated from the filters dialog at:

With the following changes to the default fields:
 - turn OFF user_id, user_login, sound_url, description, id_please, oauth_application_id, private_positional_accuracy, positioning_method, species_guess
 - turn ON taxon_class_name, taxon_order_name, taxon_family_name, taxon_genus_name, taxon_species_name, taxon_hybrid_name, taxon_subspecies_name, taxon_variety_name

The observations with problems show up as follows:

                                                                 taxon_subspecies_name    OR
   id               Scientific_name                      taxon_variety_name
5598567     Thymophylla pentachaeta va   Thymophylla pentachaeta belenidium
9854284     Transberingia bursifolia ss       Transberingia bursifolia virgata   
9855975     Polygonum aviculare subs       Polygonum aviculare depressum
9862791     Aquilegia coerulea va              Aquilegia coerulea coerulea
9862793     Aquilegia coerulea va              Aquilegia coerulea coerulea
9865983     Platanthera dilatata va            Platanthera dilatata leucostachys
9875164     Pinus contorta va                   Pinus contorta murrayana   
9875188     Stephanomeria exigua subs    Stephanomeria exigua exigua   
9875205     Artemisia ludoviciana ss         Artemisia ludoviciana incompta   
9877431     Thelypodium integrifolium subs    Thelypodium integrifolium complanatum   
9878064     Bouteloua barbata va              Bouteloua barbata barbata
9878151     Oxytropis deflexa subs           Oxytropis deflexa sericea
9983812     Eremothera boothii subs         Eremothera boothii intermedia   
10124448    Artemisia tridentata subs       Artemisia tridentata wyomingensis   
10242654    Alnus incana subs                Alnus incana tenuifolia   
10287729    Cirsium occidentale va           Cirsium occidentale venustum
10287734    Pentagramma triangularis subs    Pentagramma triangularis triangularis   
10306865    Cornus sericea subs             Cornus sericea sericea   
10747903    Castilleja applegatei subs     Castilleja applegatei pallida   
11203659    Eremothera boothii subs       Eremothera boothii intermedia   
12539013    Bouteloua barbata va            Bouteloua barbata barbata
12734213    Aquilegia coerulea va            Aquilegia coerulea coerulea
12763256    Cornus sericea subs            Cornus sericea sericea   
14980134    Artemisia ludoviciana ss       Artemisia ludoviciana incompta   

Easy to work around using the fields taxon_subspecies_name or taxon_variety_name, but thought you might want to check out the cause.

--Jim Morefield

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