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Alexander Obuhovich

Sep 18, 2011, 10:38:36 AM9/18/11
to In-Portal Development
I've discovered a phpStorm IDE lately. I've actually knew it for a some time ago, but haven't time do inspect it's features closely.

Recently there was a new 2.1 release with a lot of features and support for PHP 5.3 new syntax (namespaces and so on).

Here are few things to consider about this IDE:
  1. support PHP debugging (can even use Zend Debugging Toolbar from Zend Studio) via "Zend Debugger" or "xDebug"
  2. has integration with version control systems, like CVS, SVN, GIT and so on
  3. integrated phpUnit testing
  4. awesome speed
  5. support for JavaScript debug and auto-completed (that one was broken in Zend Studio 8)
  6. plugin support of course
  7. can take over any project, that you already have on Zend Studio
  8. you can actually use phpStorm or Zend Studio on the same project if you wish
It's license price (with 1 year of support and upgrades) is 236$ comparing to 299$ of Zend Studio 8 license.

So you pay less for license and get all the features you need from Zend Studio 8 and the performance of Zend Studio 5 (very quick really).

It also checks for a common developer mistakes, like:
  • usage of undefined variables
  • variable being declared, but never used
  • and much more
That all extra stuff doesn't cause drastic performance decrease, like in Zend Studio 8.

This IDE is cool and really fast. I'm not telling use it right away, but if you wish (no matter, what you do: create HTML, PHP or other code) you can use it.

Here is a task , where I've added some "svn:ignore" rules for IDE-specific files/folders, so they don't get commited by accident.

Best Regards,

Dmitry A.

Sep 18, 2011, 1:16:03 PM9/18/11
Hi Alex,

Thanks for sharing!

I have installed the Trial version and reviewed the IDE. Yes, it's nice and fully featured product.

We definitely should consider it.

PS. you did not attach a patch nor committed it into 5.1.3.



Alexander Obuhovich

Sep 18, 2011, 2:36:06 PM9/18/11
I can't exactly create a patch, that would change SVN properties. I'll just commit directly.

Phil -- --

Sep 19, 2011, 4:33:37 AM9/19/11
It seems very powerfull, and also exist for Mac and Linux, it deserve a try for sure :)

Let me add that personal license for individual developers cost 87 euros only.

2011/9/18 Alexander Obuhovich <>


Sep 20, 2011, 4:18:05 AM9/20/11
There's also free license for open source development:

There's some conditions applied, but I think you can try this one.

Phil -- --

Sep 20, 2011, 9:09:51 AM9/20/11
hehe, good idea Sergei, that's right In-Portal is open source now :)

2011/9/20 S.G. <>
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