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Alexander Obuhovich

May 18, 2010, 7:30:54 AM5/18/10
to In-Portal Development
Can't really describe what multi-input control do, but you can see yourself at custom field editing screen, when adding/editing "select" type custom field.

I've made several improvements to that control to task and want to share them:
  • ability to define "default" field value, which is used to reset field after adding/editing/cancel editing of record;
  • ability to support "radio" type fields;
  • ability to define unlimited number of filed properties in object-style notation (not set of parameters as before);
  • ability to change any properties (except name of course) of registered in control fields in real-time (e.g. default value);
  • "change" javascript event is called when value is changed automatically (not by user);
  • ability to make individual records in control read-only (no editing/delete possible);
  • "escape" function replaced with "encodeURIComponent", since it provides proper ending of "non-english" letters;
  • in case if multiple fields in form contains an error, then all errors are shown as single "alert", not multiple ones as before;
  • error about empty required fields are now shown using same style as other errors (with error field list);
  • field name wasn't displayed in error message in case if "error_field" option was using in field declaration (in unit config);
  • OnBeforeItemCreate/OnBeforeItemUpdate events were not called during ajax field value validation;
  • Parameter "is_last" wasn't available in PredefinedOptions tag, making it impossible to list options as javascript object;
Most of changes are used in mentioned before task.


Best Regards,

Phil -- --

May 18, 2010, 6:27:16 PM5/18/10
wow! looks great !

I just want to say -if it was even needed- that the "ability to change any properties (...) in real-time" is a way of doing we should apply in many other places when you refactor them, this is the actual websites behavior we find everywhere (I didn't said "competitor", as they don't have this yet).

2010/5/18 Alexander Obuhovich <>
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