Too aggressive line ending normalization in plain text e-mails

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Alexander Obuhovich

Sep 14, 2012, 12:11:35 PM9/14/12
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In In-Portal 5.2.0 release ability to separately enter HTML and Plain-text versions of e-mail was added.
Playing around with this feature I discovered that plain text version of e-mail being severely transformed in terms of line ending before it gets sent to recipient.

Here are the transformations I've found:

1. trailing line endings are replaced with a single line ending
This obviously was designed from HTML version of e-mail since there new line symbols doesn't mean much (unless inside a <pre> tag of course). As a fix I've kept this behavior only for HTML version of e-mail.

2. new lines, produced due m_DefineElement tag execution are removed
This is a bug, but since we only looked at HTML e-mail version where this wasn't noticeable we didn't knew this was happening at all.

To test the fixes I've made I've added "Send" button (visible only in debug mode) to e-mail events list. It just sends an e-mail event. I'm sure that nobody won't be against having this button also commited.
Beware, that not any e-mail event can be sent this way. For example e-mail events that rely on data to be preloaded by code which calls them would just be sent empty.

Ready for testing.

Best Regards,


Sep 15, 2012, 6:25:06 AM9/15/12
this "send" button is really a good idea. About preloaded data, that would obviously be empty, could it put some test text, or data field name, as test text filling?

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