Link Comments are not showing up [5.1.1-B2]

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Dmitry A.

Nov 1, 2010, 1:12:42 PM11/1/10
to In-Portal Bugs Team
Hi guys,

This might be a new bug in 5.1.1-B2

I have submitted a Comment (old review) on the Front-end for a Link
and it's perfectly fine except I do NOT see it in the Admin ->
Comments grid.

Here is the SQL and looks like we get FALSE in WHERE which fails to
return the list.

SELECT inp_ItemReview.* ,(IF( ISNULL(pu.Login), IF
(inp_ItemReview.CreatedById = -1, 'root', IF
(inp_ItemReview.CreatedById = -2, 'Guest', 'n/a')), pu.Login )) AS
`ReviewedBy`,(item_table.l1_Name) AS `CatalogItemName`,
(item_table.LinkId) AS `CatalogItemId`,(ci.CategoryId) AS
`CatalogItemCategory`,(inp_ItemReview.CreatedOn) AS `CreatedOn_date`,
(inp_ItemReview.CreatedOn) AS `CreatedOn_time`
FROM inp_ItemReview
LEFT JOIN inp_PortalUser pu ON pu.PortalUserId =
LEFT JOIN inp_Link item_table ON item_table.ResourceId =
LEFT JOIN inp_CategoryItems ci ON item_table.ResourceId =
ci.ItemResourceId AND ci.PrimaryCat = 1
WHERE ((FALSE) AND (inp_ItemReview.ItemType = 4))
ORDER BY `inp_ItemReview`.`Priority`
desc,`inp_ItemReview`.`CreatedOn` desc,`inp_ItemReview`.`ReviewText`
LIMIT 0,11

I believe it's related to the earlier task about 746: Remove useless
filters from "View Menu" or I might be wrong.

Can anyone else repeat this?


Alexander Obuhovich

Nov 1, 2010, 3:00:22 PM11/1/10
I've got those notices on link review list:

Notice (#1): Requested ID for prefix l not passed in ...\core\kernel\db\db_event_handler.php on line 327
Notice (#2): Parent ID not found (prefix: "l"; sub-prefix: "l-rev") in ...\core\kernel\db\dblist.php on line 1017

2nd notice is shown due changes in task.

After all it seams, that review/comments section was working normally because of the bug, that was fixed.

Prefix "l-rev" (which is used here) is a "l" prefix subitem and therefore requires it's id for data filtering.

To solve this quickly we need to remove filter called "parent_filter" from list based on special used on "reviews_tab" template. Notices still will be displaying in this case.

Other way is to create another review prefix, that won't be a child for any of category item prefixes, as for now.

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Best Regards,

Dmitry Andrejev

Nov 2, 2010, 12:17:14 PM11/2/10
Here is a quick patch (1st proposed solution) and task:

915: Link Comments are not Showing up in Admin

Best regards,

Dmitry A.


Alexander Obuhovich

Nov 3, 2010, 5:40:02 AM11/3/10
This is correct link .

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