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Geoff Lehr

Feb 21, 2008, 5:22:06 PM2/21/08
Hello, everyone!

This is a status update to the reopening of IMSLP, from the
(temporary) wiki ( ):

>There have been requests for an explanation of what is going on, so
I'm going to lay out the projected timeline.

>Essentially, I will be meeting in person with 5 people/organizations
to discuss the support and continuation of IMSLP. These will likely
last into May or
>even June, so do not expect the site to be online until late
June/July at the earliest.

>Due to requests we (IMSLP admins in charge of the resurrection) have
decided to regularly post updates, even if they are not conclusive. We
hope this will
>put any thoughts of IMSLP being dead to rest in the mind of IMSLP
supporters. We will here post the earliest upcoming event, and update
them as new
>situations arise and new events are planned.

> * March 2nd - teleconference with several IMSLP admins to solidify roadmap and discuss various issues surrounding IMSLP reopening

Please be aware that progress is being made, and that it takes time to
properly incorporate and to ensure that legal issues are properly
attended to.

Thank you for your patience, we now return you to your regularly
scheduled program.

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