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Issel Anne Lim

Jul 19, 2011, 12:02:36 PM7/19/11
to Imaging Initiative, Meetings Group, Imaging Initiative Organizational Committee, Johns Hopkins Imaging
Hello, All!

In the past few months, we've introduced the Hopkins Imaging Initiative (HI^2), a collaborative resource for all imaging researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Our website is http://imaging.jhu.edu

As part of that resource, we've created two options for researchers looking for volunteers: a mailing list for everyone, and customized ads/forms for imaging studies. We are also building a database of information, including faculty websites, software, references, and media. We have a LinkedIn group and a weekly email about imaging events. We're hosting a clinical series and asking for recommendations for seminar speakers. Details for these are below. 

** Volunteer for a Study **
First of all, we now have a mailing list for anyone who would like to volunteer for an imaging study. Interested people can go to the volunteer section of our website and subscribe to the Imaging Volunteers mailing list. Researchers and volunteers can join this mailing list, then researchers can email the list with details on which characteristics they're looking for. (You must answer the "membership questions" in order to be approved for the list, so that we can avoid spambots.)

We can create online forms for specific studies, which can be emailed to mailing lists (see below) or embedded as a form on the website.  The example below is organized by Dr. Peter Barker for normal volunteers to participate in an MRI study.  Anyone can view or submit the form, and the answers are put into a private online spreadsheet. Only the people who have been given explicit permission can view the spreadsheet (e.g., the research coordinators, the PI, and the creator of the form, johnshopk...@gmail.com).

** Share Resources **
We also need people to submit recommendations for software, references, and media that are useful for researchers: http://imaging.jhu.edu/share-information

** LinkedIn **
Thanks to Yuanming Suo, the Hopkins Imaging Initiative now has a Linkedin group.  Join it today!

** Events **
For an up-to-date list of events, view our calendar, which is maintained by Kwame Kutten.
If you would like to add an event to our calendar, please email <johnshopkinsim...@gmail.com>. (And please add johnshopkinsim...@gmail.com to any of your mailing lists to which you send imaging events!) :)

Geran Kostecki, the head of our Networking Committee, is having a meeting today at 3:00pm in Sagawa Library (Traylor 616) to discuss a Hopkins Imaging Initiative Conference this upcoming fall. Suggestions are welcome.

** Lectures and Seminars **
Carmen Kut has coordinated a schedule for our Imaging Initiative members to attend classes with various residency departments at JHU: http://imaging.jhu.edu/lectures/clinical-series-2011
Sajendra Nithiananthan has created a form for submitting recommendations for lecturers for our upcoming seminar series: http://imaging.jhu.edu/lectures/speaker-recommendations

** Useful Links **
Hopkins Imaging Initiative Website: http://imaging.jhu.edu
Join our mailing list for announcements: http://groups.google.com/group/imaginginitiative/subscribe

Thank you for your time, and please forward this to anyone whom you think would be interested! :)

Issel Anne L. Lim
PhD Candidate
Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

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Date: Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 11:36 AM
Subject: Volunteer for an MRI Study: NA_00036313
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If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Volunteer for an MRI Study: NA_00036313

We are looking for normal volunteers to undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy scans of the brain or body. Please submit your information below, and our research coordinator will contact you if you meet the study's requirements.

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