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Google Interactive Media Ads SDK Technical Forum
This is the technical discussion forum for the Google IMA SDK. It provides:
  • SDK announcements and updates
  • Technical SDK support across HTML5, Android, iOS, tvOS, and Roku. 
  • A place to report SDK feature requests or bugs / crashes
Be sure to check out our developer documentation for more information.

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Before you Post
To get your questions answered as quickly as possible, please answer the following in your initial post:
  1. Which SDK are you using (Android, iOS, HTML5, Flash)?
  2. What ad tag are you using in your request?
  3. Are you able to reproduce this issue using your ad tag in the sample app (AndroidiOS) or the Video Suite Inspector (HTML5)?
    1. If not, please provide an app or website with which we can reproduce this issue.
  4. What steps must we take to reproduce your issue?
If you're not comfortable sharing some of this info on the forum, make a note of it in your post and we can contact you directly.

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