[HTML5] On iOS browsers, ad playback speed is affected by changing value the playbackRate of videoElement.

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Mar 28, 2023, 4:15:55 AMMar 28
to Interactive Media Ads SDK

We have confirmed an unexpected behavior in IMA HTML5 SDK on iOS browsers, this is, assigning a value other than 1 to the 'playbackRate' of the 'video' element will affect the playback speed of the ad.

- Details:

* On iOS Browswer (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc), if '2' is assigned to the 'playbackRate' of the 'video' element, the ad is played at double speed, after the ad ends, the content is played back at 1x speed.
* On browsers other than iOS browsers (Windows, Mac or Andorid browsers), if '2' is assigned to the 'playbackRate' of the 'video' element, the ad is played at 1x speed, after the ad ends, the content is played back at double speed.

- Specs:

* iOS 16.1.2
* Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc for iOS Browser app
* IMA HTML5 SDK version 3.565.0

- Contents:

* Movie : Content in IMA Sample App "advanced" for HTML5
* https://storage.googleapis.com/gvabox/media/samples/stock.mp4
* Ads : IMA Sample Tag
* https://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ads?iu=/21775744923/external/single_ad_samples&sz=640x480&cust_params=sample_ct%3Dlinear&ciu_szs=300x250%2C728x90&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&env=vp&impl=s&correlator=

- Project:


- Steps:

1. Create a simple video player
2. Import the IMA SDK
3. Attach page and video player handlers
4. Create the ad container
5. Initialize the AdsLoader and make an ads request
6. Listen for AdsLoader events
7. Start the AdsManager
8. Make the AdsManager responsive
9. Listen for AdsManager events
10. Call videoElement.play()
11. Assign '2' to videoElement.playbackRate variable

var videoElement = document.getElementById('videoElement');
videoElement.addEventListener('play', (event) => {
  videoElement.playbackRate = 2;

We strongly hope that all browsers behave in the same way when the playbackRate value is changed.

Best regards.


Mar 28, 2023, 9:56:39 AMMar 28
to pineapp...@gmail.com, ima...@googlegroups.com

Thank you for raising this to us. I went ahead and implemented your use case to our sample app. As per testing, I was able to reproduce the reported behavior on my end. With that, allow me to raise this to a wider team for further checking and to get their insight as well. I'll update this thread the soonest I hear back from them.

Google Logo IMA SDK Team



May 16, 2023, 6:33:19 AMMay 16
to ima...@googlegroups.com, pineapp...@gmail.com
Thank you for your patience. I received the following information from the team:
This is an expected limitation of the "single player solution" used by default on iOS. To resolve this behavior, the video player will need to be set to play inline and setDisableCustomPlaybackForIOS10Plus(https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/sdks/html5/client-side/reference/js/google.ima.ImaSdkSettings#setDisableCustomPlaybackForIOS10Plus) will need to be set to true.
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