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Mar 22, 2024, 2:20:46 AMMar 22
to Interactive Media Ads SDK

We have a bug is related to overlay advertising. When playing a video, the overlay ad is displayed correctly. But when scrolling down the page, the video switches to sticky mode and closes the overlay ad incorrectly. When I then scroll above and switch to the big player, the ad is closed a
nd can no longer be displayed.

We resolved the whole matter with our supplier THEO player. And here are their outputs:

We did a further investigation on this issue. Specifically looking into ways to go around certain issues by IMA. Sadly most of this seems to be limited by google IMA.
We discern 2 issues from the investigation:
-Not retaining the banner/overlay when going into pip/sticky mode
After further investigation we found that this is working as intended as the banner is to big for the sticky mode window. When trying to resize the banner the visibility of the banner would be completely ineligible. Google IMA also doesn’t offer this from their end and there does not seem to be a good way to work around this.
-not reapplying the banner when going out of pip/sticky mode
This one also seems to be a limitation from google ima. The google ima banner will actually get removed when it no longer fits the window. (instead of just getting hidden.) Meaning that we can’t reapply it from our side anymore. This issue needs to be raised on the Google IMA side.

Here's how to simulate the bug:
Steps to reproduce
  1. Open url Nejnovější videa z našich pořadů

  2. Play any video etc. Jakub Štáfek v ringu: Podívejte se, jak na sobě tvrdě maká | TV Nova

  3. Wait until you see the overlay ad.

  4. Scroll until you see a sticky video - overlay ad is hidden

  5. Scroll back - scroll back until you see the big video - overlay ad is hidden

At the same time, I am attaching a video and a screenshot from the console.
Let me know if you have any additional questions here!

Kind regards,
Petr Simon

overlay bug.png


Mar 22, 2024, 8:55:33 AMMar 22

Thank you for contacting the IMA SDK support team.

After reviewing your reported issue, I am unable to replicate the problem as you have described.
Instead, I receive the following warning: "This video is not available in your country due to licensing restrictions."

As for the VAST 501 error, it indicates that the dimensions of your AdsManager object might be less than the dimensions required by your overlay ad for it to display. You need to make sure upon initialization that your AdsManager has a large enough size. You can then apply a resize for your AdsManager once the ads have been displayed to save space.

Could you please provide us with the VAST details and a screen recording so that we can replicate the issue in our environment?

If the file(s) you are looking to share are less than 25mb in total you can attach them to this case on your next reply. If you are having trouble attaching your file to this case or if your file(s) are larger than 25mb, you can share your files with me by performing the following steps:

1. Navigate to this link.
2. Fill out all fields, and attach your file(s).
3. Please reply back to this thread when you have uploaded your file(s). Please do not share this link.

You can send the details via Reply privately to the author option.
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