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Kumar Babu

Sep 18, 2016, 4:49:33 AM9/18/16
to Interactive Media Ads SDK

I have wordpress website. I have created my own videos. I use [video] to show ads on my website page. Now I want to integrate IMA SDK with wordpress. But dont know how to do that? Is there any tutorial or available solutions. Please let me know. 

Tyler Sidell (IMA SDK Team)

Sep 19, 2016, 10:16:00 AM9/19/16
to Interactive Media Ads SDK
Hi Kumar,

Although we don't have a step-by-step guide to implement the IMA SDK specifically on your Wordpress website, the process if very similar to the one outlined in our Getting Started Guide.  This is assuming that you will be implementing the HTML5 version of the SDK on your website. 

Basically, if you have access to the Wordpress template files, you can follow the instructions which outline adding ads.js and style.css files.  You would also need to make sure in the footer.php file to link to the ima3.js file as such:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

But as stated, I'd suggest walking through the Getting Started guide and let us know if you have any questions.

Tyler Sidell

Wesley Carnicle

Jun 1, 2023, 4:56:48 PMJun 1
to Interactive Media Ads SDK
I have a video player on my site and my video player doesn't show any ads from my vast tag. 


Jun 6, 2023, 2:16:14 AMJun 6

Hi Wesley,

Thank you for raising your concern to the IMA SDK team.

For us to guide you accordingly, can you confirm if you have followed the steps on how to integrate the IMA SDK into a simple video player app from our Getting Started Guide? Also, is the issue reproducible using our samples? If not, kindly follow our guide and if the issue is not reproducible using our sample, you can use it as an example/reference to update your player. However, if issue persists, kindly provide the following information:

  • Sample where issue is reproducible
  • Vast Ad tag
  • Screen recording of the issue (mirroring the steps to reproduce the issue)
  • Is the ad geo-restricted to a particular location? If yes, specify the location.

If the file(s) you are looking to share are less than 25mb in total you can attach them to this case on your next reply. If you are having trouble attaching your file to this case or if your file(s) are larger than 25mb, you can share your files with me by performing the following steps:

1. Navigate to
2. Fill out all fields, and attach your file(s).
3. Please reply back on this thread when you have uploaded your file(s). Please do not share this link.

Looking forward to your response. 

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