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May 11, 2023, 4:07:47 AM5/11/23
to Interactive Media Ads SDK
Hello IMA SDK Team,

How are you today?

I just wanna ask about : "Friendly iframe vs Unfriendly iframe".
I've read a pdf about "Viewbility", in page 10, there is a paragraph like this :

Use viewable-friendly ad formats 
We recommend minimizing the use of iFrames, which is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document primarily found on sites. Ad tags within some iFrames, such as cross-domain iFrames, can’t be measured by any viewability solution while others like friendly iFrames and SafeFrames help better measure viewability. When fewer ads run within cross-domain iFrames, viewability rates increase.

I work at an Online Media which use sub-domains as vertical publication for spesific content. For "Internet thing" contents, we use "", but inside those articles, we use "" as an embeddable player (iframe player).

We can see this link as an example :

And this link is an iframe player link below the article :

The questions are :
1. Is this sub-domain configuration Unfriendly-iframe?
2. Is that true, Google Active View couldn't measure our VR / Viewbility Rate of Video Ads?
3. I've read js documentation here that we can use document.domain=""; to quickly change Unfriendly-iframe into Friendy-iframe. Is that true? (deprecated but still can be use).
4. Is this sub-domain configuration will make an impact to Video Ads Impressions?
5. Are there any suggestions from IMA SDK Team for this case?

Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards,



May 11, 2023, 9:32:31 AM5/11/23

Hi Dio,

Thank you for reaching out to the IMA SDK forum.

Allow me to address you questions below:

Questions 1, 2, 4:

  • Our IMA SDK support team can only provide guidance related to the IMA SDK as well. Regarding these questions, it would be best to confirm with the Google Ad Manager support team as they are more familiar with Video policies, Google Active View as well as the document that you mentioned and would be able to provide accurate response to your concerns.

Question 3:

  • Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the provided documentation as it is no longer part of the documentation for IMA SDK. I recommend reaching out to the support team that manages the said page or leaving a comment on the discussion thread found on the bottom of the page.

Question 5:

  • From the IMA SDK perspective, it is recommended to enable Enable viewability measurement tags. Use the Google Ad Manager IMA SDK for both client-side and Dynamic Ad Insertion solutions to enable Google’s MRC-accredited viewability solution, Active View. This solution helps publishers and app developers understand which of their ads are viewable. 

Links included:

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