GLUG meeting 14/04/2008

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Apr 14, 2008, 12:27:59 PM4/14/08
to ilug-tvm
Hi friends,
Close on the heels of finishing the first installfest campaign
successfully, a meeting was held today at the same venue -
Kanakakkunnu. 14 members were present at the meeting. I am happy to
present a 'brief' account of the decisions taken at the meeting to the
entire community. The meeting mainly concentrated on the future plan
of GLUG-TVM especially on promotional activities.

First issue to be addressed was that of the name and identity of the
group. Though the group uses 'ilug-tvm' in several urls, the name
constantly used within the group and for promotion is GNU/Linux Users
Group (GLUG). This is in agreement with Sasi sir's suggestion. As
Anoop chettan of zyxware points out, among public, the term 'free
software' is almost synonymous with Linux. Due to this, the use of
this term is necessary for creating a recognizable public image.
However, the term GNU was chosen to cover the concepts advocated by
FSF. The group agrees that until a change is necessary, this shall
remain our name. However the group shall support all free software and
other free OSs, despite what the name suggests.

The second one was the different promotional activities being
planned. They are:
1) Introductory: Activities to promote all free s/w and GNU Linux
among beginners and novices. It should include basic training like how
to use the OS, office suite, etc.

2) Technical: Training for specific professional fields. hose
discussed included traing in use of Blender (as alternative for 3D
Max) and Fedora Electronics Laboratory.

3) Installfests: More are coming up including at Christ nagar school
and technopark. More details are discussed below.

4)FOSS meet: Meet to promote FOSS (I request someone to provide more

The third issue discussed was about raising funds and providing
services. More funds are required for GLUG's promotional activities. A
suggestion that arose was there there should be a voluntary donation
scheme for GLUG (especially from the employed). Similarly, there was a
unanimous decision that all CD/DVD distribution and home services
should be done at a nominal cost. CD/DVD distribution pricing should
be able to recover atleast media cost. Home services should be done at
a cost between Rs.50 to 100. There should also be a mechanism to
recover transportation costs. Anoop Thomas hopes that this will become
an alternative income for students. This will also ensure that public
dont get the misconception of FOSS being free of cost. There should
also be a fund management system for GLUG.

The fourth was the need to create the user and volunteer base for
GLUG. As of now, the youngest for GLUG volunteers are from engg. sem
6. However we need to pick talents from engg. sem 1-4, even from
schools. More activities are required to this extent.

Finally the preparations for next installfest. The first installfest
was a great success- but it also showed us some issues that need to be
addressed next time. Basically there needs to be a clearer separartion
of tasks. The counters need to be arranged in sections as follows:

a) Several installation sections with volunteers able to handle
specific distros. However, there should be enough flexibility that
volunteers should be able to handle other distros if necessary.

b) Demonstration booths: There should be demo booths for atleast 2
distros, and other free software. They should be able to demonstrate
operation of Linux distros, and applications to public from novices to
amateurs. They should be able to clear doubts from public, as well as
suggest free s/w alternatives available.

c) CD/DVD writing and distribution booths

d) Registration and payment booth

e) Gaming and presentation area

Additionally, the following suggestions are to be considered:
a) Create publicity using roadshows. Chandrettan also suggests that we
use pamphlets and ad-umbrellas for the purpose.

b) Keep teams ready at the installfest specifically for

c) Keep teams for receiving and guiding customers at the installfest
(this is flexible if we are short of volunteers)

d) Prepare well in advance in areas that are crucial at installfest.
That includes electrical setup, LAN setup and Repo setup.

e) Rajiv nair suggets that for people who dont have internet access,
we should consider installation of distros like Linux Mint and
Sabayon. They need minimal post installation and online

I have posted as many points as I could note down and recollect. But
this may not be exhaustive. Please feel free to add more points.

Gokul Das

Rajiv Nair

Apr 14, 2008, 12:42:39 PM4/14/08
Good report. From now onwards you are the official report guy of the group :D:D

Rajiv R Nair

"Love, Peace, GNU/Linux....."

Anoop Jacob Thomas

Apr 14, 2008, 12:46:48 PM4/14/08
Hey Rajiv,
he was the guy who wrote report for the last LUG meet also. So its not now onwards, but always he will be. ;)
Gokul Das will be the official report guy.
Anoop Jacob Thomas


Apr 14, 2008, 12:47:21 PM4/14/08
to ilug-tvm
There is one more point that i missed. That was about how to help
people in installation. Since the installation of the is a reasonably
complicated procedure involving hard disk partitioning and
identification using partition names (a mistake could wipe out windoze
partitions), the consensus was to avoid exposing customers to these
complications, unless they specifically ask for such help. In that
case, we could distribute printed guides or direct them to pre-
prepared online guides.

Another suggestion is to use GUI configuration instead of commands.
That will help us overcome the bad image that GNU/Linux has for having
a command intensive interface. For that, its easier to use screen

Gokul Das


Apr 14, 2008, 12:51:45 PM4/14/08
to ilug-tvm

On Apr 14, 9:42 pm, "Rajiv Nair" <> wrote:
> Good report. From now onwards you are the official report guy of the group
> :D:D
> Rajiv R Nair

Gee, thanks! The pics are coming up real soon.

Gokul Das

ranjith s kumar

Apr 14, 2008, 2:13:27 PM4/14/08
Dear All
Have done a great job. Personally the response time
for meeting call was less (I was out of home Y'day).
In future pls make sure for at least three days in
advance for a meeting. Really the discussions and
decisions are excellent (thanks gokul).

Regarding FOSSmeet(name ?) , Free Software Cell of
Govt. Engg. College , Baton Hill is planning a similar
event on Aug 15, 16, 17 , under the aegis of FSF,
SPACE and GLUG TVM+Zyxware., Can give more details on
this weekend.
Hope that will be a milestone for our community.
Suggestions invited.
--- Visakh <> wrote:

Lecturer In Mechanical Engineering
Government Engineering College
Barton Hill
Kerala, India

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Joju Joshua

Apr 14, 2008, 2:26:04 PM4/14/08
> Gee, thanks! The pics are coming up real soon.
> Regards,
> Gokul Das

please send them asap

Joju Joshua

Zyxware Technologies
Ph: +91-471-243-7711
Mob: +91-989-587-7134

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" M K Gandhi

Anoop Jacob Thomas

Apr 14, 2008, 2:28:10 PM4/14/08
@Ranjith Sir
I think the talks should be more technical and also we must have presentations/workshops to teach the technologies. All support from us. I dont speak me here. Its us... So all support from us!!! Lets start discussions on it.
Anoop Jacob Thomas


Apr 14, 2008, 8:17:34 PM4/14/08
Good report Gokuldas.  One more point that volunteers  can wear T-Shirts  for identification  in install  fest  etc. Please provide  a T-Shirt to me.
Thank you
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Apr 14, 2008, 8:24:00 PM4/14/08
If possible Identity card for GLUG members Trivandrum can be provided after discussions. That will become more impressive for home installations. Because in the name of home installations may happen  theft or robbery which have to be avoided for the sake of confidence on GLUG's volunteers.


Apr 14, 2008, 10:47:06 PM4/14/08
to ilug-tvm
Last night, i found out the meaning of 'A' (asynchronous) in ADSL.
But managed to get the pics online. Here is the link:
Enjoy them, everyone.

Gokul Das


Apr 15, 2008, 1:52:06 PM4/15/08
to ilug-tvm
nice work man..hmm u selected as the official reporter for our group.
he he..its not exhaustive one..but an informative one covering all our
needs.. gud job. i have one more opinion to be added..if we can,then
we wil provide tokens during registration in the next fest.. i think
that would make it some more simpler for redirecting people..

Anand Raj
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