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Karen Walker

Apr 24, 2018, 4:59:59 AM4/24/18

Last night, the Monday club participated in the "Common Game" -- an event similar to an ACBLwide game, but there are no nationwide masterpoint awards (and no extra fees). We plan to do this on Mondays for the next few months and will make it permanent if players like it.

More than 400 pairs at 56 clubs throughout the country played the same hands last night. The Common Game merges all these results and ranks the field in three groups -- North-South, East-West and "Howellers" (one-winner movements).

The CG web site is a great learning resource because it provides LOTS of details about what you and other pairs did on each hand. Here's the page for Monday night:
Scroll down the page to see the Howell winners, hand diagrams and nationwide distribution of results. Later today, this page will also include expert analysis and instructional tips for selected hands. 

You might have noticed that our old friend John Brandeberry was the winner of last night's game. He scored 71.67% playing at the Garden City club in Montana.

After every CG session, you'll receive an immediate email if your address is on file with ACBL. If ACBL doesn't have your address, you can still receive the CG emails. Just send an email with your ACBL # (typed in subject line) to . (No need for any message in the message body.)

Below is a sample of the CG email. This one was for Mike Halvorsen after he played in the Monday, April 23 game. It includes links to:
   * Our club web page (click the calendar at the top -- or go to -- to see just our club results)
   * Personal results -- hand diagrams, contract and result on each board, % of matchpoints at the club, % of matchpoints vs. the entire CG field, and the difference between the two. Click the starred hands to see the expert analysis.
    * Personal CG Home Page -- more information about your attendance, results and the boards you played.
        -  Click the FRA icon next to the game date for detailed analytics, including optimal results and comments on your result. Click board number links and you can replay each hand trick by trick!
        - Click the "Friend alert" tab to see where your friends have been playing.

Try the links to see the type of information on each page.


Dear Michael,

Here are your personalized Fast Results from Champaign DBC:

Club Results Page

Personal results from Monday Eve. Open Pairs (A) 04/23/2018

Personal Common Game Home Page

New Feature: How close am I to my next ACBL Rank?


Answers to general questions about the Common Game and how to analyze your scores are here:

Take a look around the CG site and let us know if you have other questions. We'd also appreciate feedback about this type of competition and whether you'd like us to continue running these games.

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