Peru: Mincul receives 76 cultural objects repatriated from the Americas and Europe | News | ANDINA - Peru News Agency

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Sep 24, 2023, 2:49:35 PMSep 24
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Peru: Mincul receives 76 cultural objects repatriated from the Americas and Europe

15:25 | Lima, Sep. 23.
Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has delivered 76 cultural artifacts repatriated from the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, and Argentina to the Ministry of Culture.

The repatriation was possible thanks to the efforts carried out by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peruvian Consulates and Embassies accredited to those countries, as well as local authorities.

In a ceremony held at Torre Tagle Palace, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ignacio Higueras, accompanied by Deputy Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries Minister Haydee Rosas, highlighted the joint and coordinated work developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Interior, and the Public Ministry.

Deputy Minister Hegueras emphasized that Peru actively participates in favor of the protection, return, and restitution of cultural heritage, as well as the promotion of spaces for dialogue in this area.

Recovered goods

Among the highlights are 31 archaeological pieces (belonging to Nazca, Chancay, Lambayeque, and Inca cultures), 2 Kero glasses dating from the colonial era, and one cup from the Republican era, which returned to the country thanks to efforts by the Embassy of Peru in Argentina. 

The list includes 18 Peruvian ceramic pieces of Chimu, Lambayeque, Chancay, and Nazca styles, which returned from Switzerland. 

On the other hand, the Embassy of Peru in Belgium facilitated the return of two pre-Hispanic pieces of Nazca and Chancay styles, which were in the possession of two Belgian citizens.

Meanwhile, the Consulates of Peru in the United States carried out procedures for the repatriation of 22 cultural pieces from pre-Hispanic cultures developed on the northern and central coast of Peru.

The Consulate in Paterson managed the voluntary return of four Chimu, Lambayeque, and Nazca pieces by the Arts Institute of Middlesex County in New Jersey.

In turn, the Consulate in Chicago coordinated the repatriation of 12 cultural pieces of Chancay and Wari styles, as well as bone remains that were returned by the Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago (Field Museum), within the framework of cooperation between the entities.

For its part, the Consulate in Miami carried out actions for the return of 5 ceramic pieces that were seized by the Homeland Security Investigations at Miami International Airport.

El Vicecanciller Ignacio Higueras entregó a la Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural e Industrias Culturales de @MinCulturaPe, Haydee Rosas, 76 bienes culturales recuperados y repatriados de Argentina, Bélgica, Estados Unidos y Suiza.
— Cancillería Perú???? (@CancilleriaPeru) September 22, 2023


Published: 9/23/2023

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