Man arrested in Rhodope for possession of looted antiquities |

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Sep 16, 2023, 8:46:54 PM9/16/23
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Man arrested in Rhodope for possession of looted antiquities

Newsroom - 16.09.2023 • 14:44

A 72-year-old man was arrested in northern Greece for keeping looted anti ant artefacts in his home. 

The man is accused of violating legislation on the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage and is expected to be led before a prosecutor. 

After receiving information, police officers from Thessaloniki’s department of cultural heritage raided a house owned by the elderly suspect in the region of Rhodope and found 79 ancient objects that fall under the protective provisions of laws on antiquities.

The findings include15 fluted columns from the Late Roman-Early Christian period, (3rd-4th century AD), a fragment of a worked marble object, nine stone projectiles (probably a catapult), a stone column base, two parts of fossilized trunks, two stone basins, two clay flywheels, two fragments of Neolithic stone tools (6,500 BC-3,000 BC), one lead anchor, five fragments of prehistoric stone tools, four chisels and one Neolithic chisel (6,5000 BC-3,000 BC), 25 Neolithic stone tools (6,500 BC-3,000 BC), a classical bronze arrowhead (480 BC-323 BC), a fragment of a classical bronze buckle (480 BC. -323 BC), a bronze coin, perhaps Roman (27 BC-476 AD), a Byzantine bronze coin (330 AD-1453 AD), a bronze Byzantine earring, a stone tool of the Neolithic period, and two coins of the Ottoman era.

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