Multi-threaded debugging

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Matthew Farwell

May 28, 2015, 1:52:57 PM5/28/15

You were talking about debugging multi-threaded stuff - there was a presentation done by Iulian Dragos at Scala Days last year on Rethinking the debugger. 
This covers multi-threaded / reactive / actor / futures debugging:

New abstractions for concurrency make writing programs easier by moving away from threads and locks, but debugging such programs becomes harder. The call-stack, an essential tool in understanding why and how control flow reached a certain point in the program, loses meaning when inspected in traditional debuggers. Futures, actors or iteratees make code easier to write and reason about, and in this talk I'll show a simple solution to make them easier to debug. The tool I present integrates well with the Eclipse plugin for Scala, and shows how a "reactive debugger" might look like.

Have fun,

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