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Welcome to Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts (IBET)! IBET is an e-mail list for the discussion of wild birds and birding issues relating to IL. Its mission is to promote the JOY of birding by keeping members updated on rare and interesting birds and birding opportunities. Administered by Illinois Ornithological Society.

  1. Keep the conversation on birding in ILLINOIS.
  2. Sign ALL posts with your name, town/city, and county.
  3. Please include the county in which your sighting occurred if it is not your home county.
  4. Don't send attachments; link members to a website to share photos.
  5. If the post doesn't include a sighting, please indicate NO SIGHTINGS (capitalized) in the subject.
  6. Please refrain from sarcasm, because it can't be distinguished from antagonism on a printed page.
  7. There is ZERO tolerance for flaming (the posting of messages deliberately hostile and insulting to others). This will get you barred from IBET on the first offense.
  8. If you find a rare bird, please put RBA in the subject.