Waukegan Beach, State Line Beach, Illinois Beach North & Techny North Saturday 9-24-22

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Al Stokie

Sep 24, 2022, 7:10:00 PMSep 24
to IBET - Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts
Hello Bird People,

Started with Bob Erickson at Waukegan Beach at 6:30 a.m. We had one
each Great Blue, Great Egret & Green Heron all flying into the
backwater. A Cormorant flew by & the usual number of Ring Billed &
Herring Gulls were on the beach. Looked for a Nelson's Sparrow but all
we had were Palm Warblers. Looked like a "shorebird shutout" but on
the way back Bob picked out 3 Sanderlings on the pier so there was no
shutout today. A MERLIN was flying back & forth along the beach & then
headed out on the lake.

State Line Beach

As Mark W has stressed there is again lots of seaweed on the beach &
in it were 9 Killdeer &
10 Sanderlings. Again lots of Gulls & another fly-by Cormorant. I
actually sat there in my Hawk Watch chair for 30 min in case more
shorebirds arrived but they did not.

Then after a short stop at the Illinois Beach Hawk Watch to say hello
to Janice & Paul I headed home but on the way I stopped at Techny
North for a shorebird & water level check. Last night's rain did raise
the water level a bit but not much. Like yesterday the only shorebirds
were Killdeer (8). Heron/Egrets were Great Blue Heron (1), Great Egret
(4) & Black Crowned Night Heron (3-IM).Ducks were Mallards (11), Wood
Ducks (2-F) & Blue Winged Teal (2).

Now that the mowing is completed the next irritation will be the
repaving of the hotel parking lot which had already started just to
the south & will soon include the hotel lot so get ready for that.

Bird-Of-The-Day to the Merlin at Waukegan & Runner-Up to the Green
Heron also at Waukegan.

Al Stokie
Mostly in Lake County today with one stop in Cook County
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