Muirhead Springs (8-11:30 a.m.)

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Al Stokie

Apr 10, 2024, 8:07:49 PMApr 10
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Hello Bird People,

First I checked the main lakes & saw many ducks with only 11 species
but large numbers of individual species. I was soon joined by Wes S &
soon after by Lisa P. Later Kevin H, Vince M & Randy E joined the
group & later still saw Ann H. Finally got to meet the Muirheads
traveling in their golf cart, seem like nice folks.

Muirhead Springs (8-11:30 a.m.)

Canada Goose (only 5)
Mallard (9)
Shoveler (~15)
Gadwall (~40)
Blue Winged Teal (28)
Green Winged Teal (52)
Ring Necked Duck (~15)
Redhead (20)
Lesser Scaup (~65)
Bufflehead (24)
Red Breasted Merganser (1-M, 1st time I've seen this species here)
Ruddy Duck (10)
Coots (20 in the main lake & 200 more in the east ponds)
Sandhill Crane (1 fly-by)
Killdeer (6)
Greater (2) & Lesser (3) Yellowlegs
Pectoral Sandpiper (6-7)
Wilson's Snipe (1 seen & 3 more winnowing)
LONG BILLED DOWITCHER (1, had the correct barring & it's way too early
for Short Billed)
Ring Billed Gull (11)
Kestrel (1)
Pigeon (1 fly-by)
Mourning Dove (3)
(As usual I found no Collared Doves)
Flicker (3)
Crow (2)
Horned Lark (heard a few)
Robins (~15)
Starling (2)
Savannah Sparrow (2-3)
VESPER SPARROW (1, found by Kevin)
Song Sparrow (6-7)
Red Wings (10)
Grackles (6)
Eastern Meadowlark (14)
House Sparrow (2-3)

So 38 species at Muirhead which is also my total for the day.
Bird-Of-The-Day to the Long Billed Dowitcher & the Golden Plovers.
Runners-Up to the Dunlin & the Vesper Sparrow.

Al Stokie
In Kane County today
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