Gillson Park Lake Watch & Ft Sheridan Hawk Watch Thursday 9-22-22

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Al Stokie

Sep 22, 2022, 7:17:59 PMSep 22
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Hello Bird People,

I saw very few species today so it should be easy to do a report.

Gillson Park (8:10-9:30 a.m.)

The winds were hard enough but right out of the north with no easterly
component to them.
So there was nothing to blow the gulls inland. All I saw were Ring
Billed Gulls along the beach & Herring Gulls flying over the lake. But
later in the day I heard that Woody G saw a Jaeger Species flying way
out over the lake before I arrived. But it was so far away & the look
was so quick he could not I.D. it to species. I probably wouldn't have
seen it all! Then I looked for Warblers & Sparrows but did not locate
one single land bird! Not a good start to the day.

Fort Sheridan Hawk Watch (10:30 a.m.-2 p.m.)

My 1st visit to any Hawk Watch this year produced several species of
raptors but in low numbers.
Also had some interesting non-raptors to help keep us busy. Keep in
mind that my numbers are much lower than what the group saw. Other
Hawk Watches included Adam S, John L, Scott J,
Woody G, Sandy K, Jeff S, Lisa P, Katherine?, Jeff ? & a few others.
Thanks to Sandy & Katherine for bringing treats!

Turkey Vulture (1)
Osprey (2-3)
Bald Eagle (5-6, going both south & north to confuse the counters)
Cooper's Hawk (1-2)
Sharp Shinned Hawk (~ 10)
Red Tailed Hawk (~20)
Merlin (the 1st 3 that went by were not seen by me but I saw the last
2 well as they were closer)

Non raptors included Cormorants, Canada Geese with one SNOW GOOSE
mixed in, a flock of 15 or more of American Pipits, Blue Jays, Red
Headed & Red Bellied Woodpeckers & a couple of Savannah Sparrows. Good
job by Adam to pick out the lone Snow Goose! Some of the group saw a
small flock of Golden Plovers but I missed them. Again the winds were
straight north with no western component which didn't help with raptor

Only managed a meager 12 species for the day & 7 species of raptors.
Bird-Of-The-Day to the 2 Merlin's I did see as I thought I was going
to miss them all.
Runners-Up to the Ospreys & Bald Eagles.

Al Stokie
In both Cook & Lake Co's today
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