Wood Dale Reservoir Complex Monday 9-20-21

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Al Stokie

Sep 20, 2021, 5:04:55 PMSep 20
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Hello Bird People,

Did my weekly visit to the Reservoir with Luis M. Had light rain a few
times & waited it out at the roofed shelters. Ended up with 8
shorebird species with the only special species being Baird's.
Had our high count for Egrets & maybe for Great Blues too. Highlight
of the day wasn't a bird but a big Praying Mantis crossing the bike
path where it seemed to be in no hurry to cross so I helped it decide
to get off the path & avoid bikes.

Wood Dale Reservoir Complex (6:50-11:15 a.m. with rain delays)

Reservoir Only

D.C. Cormorant (24)
Great Blue Heron (16)
Great Egret (32)
Canada Goose (388, counted by me as I was the 1st to arrive)
Mallard (89)
Wood Duck (2 fly-bys)
Cooper's Hawk (1)
Red Tailed Hawk (2 fly-bys)
Semipalmated Plover (1)
Killdeer (99)
Lesser Yellowlegs (8)
Spotted Sandpiper (1)
Least Sandpiper (8)
Pectoral Sandpiper (1)
Wilson's Snipe (1)
Ring Billed Gull (Max = 22)

Middle Pond & Creek

Mallards (9)

Itasca/Western Wetlands

Great Blue Heron (1)
Great Egret (1)
Canada Goose (9 fly-bys)
Mallard (28)
Killdeer (5)

Land Birds

Had 23 species of land birds including 3 Woodpeckers, a late House
Wren, a Cedar Waxwing,
3 brown Indigo Buntings. Warblers were Nashville, Blackpoll, Palms &
Myrtle. Also a good look at a Red Eyed Vireo. (Luis also saw a
Magnolia Warbler which I missed.)

Bird-Of-The-Day will be all 6 Baird's Sandpipers & Runners-Up to the
Snipe & all the Egrets.

And, as already mentioned, Creature Of The Day to the slow moving
Praying Mantis.

Al Stokie
In DuPage County today

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