Illinois Beach South Unit Again Plus Techny Basin Wednesday 9-28-22

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Al Stokie

Sep 28, 2022, 9:54:08 PM9/28/22
to IBET - Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts
Hello Bird People,

Although Andy Stewart & I missed the Harris's Sparrow yesterday I
thought I'd try again as
Donnie D did find it later in the a.m. in the same area as it was seen
before. But it was a repeat failure as we couldn't find it again today
although we looked longer & harder than yesterday.
I think that will do it for this bird as the drive is too far & the
bird too uncooperative for me.
Maybe I can find another Harris's Sparrow elsewhere?

Illinois Beach South Unit (7:30-11:15 a.m.)

P.B. Grebe (2)
Canada Goose (~30)
Wood Duck (10)
Mallard (8)
Coot (3)
Mourning Dove (1)
Kingfisher (H-1)
Red Tailed Hawk (2, flying together)
Red Bellied Woodpecker (3)
Downy Woodpecker (2)
Hairy Woodpecker (1)
Flicker (2)
(Andy also saw 2 Sapsuckers that I missed)
Eastern Pewee (1)
Blue Jay (8)
Crow (2)
Chickadee (10)
W.B. Nuthatch (3)
Creeper (2)
House Wren (1)
R.C. Kinglet (4)
Eastern Bluebird (a flock of about 8-10)
Swainson's Thrush (3)
Hermit Thrush (2, 1st Fall)
Robin (2)
Starling (2)
Redstart (1-F)
Y.R. Myrtle Warbler (~15)
Palm Warbler (2)
Eastern Towhee (2)
Field Sparrow (3, together)
Song Sparrow (2-3)
Swamp Sparrow (1)
White Throated Sparrow (4)
Junco (4)
Red Wings (4)
Goldfinch (8)

Tried to check on Techny North but I was blocked out by workers doing
asphalt work in the parking lot of the hotel. They are using the hotel
lot as a staging area for the area just to the south so you can't get
in there. This looks like it will be for a few more days.

Techny Basin (1-1:45 p.m.)

Great Blue Heron (3), Great Egret (5) & Black Crowned Night Heron (1-IM)
Canada Goose (14 fly-bys) & Mallard (12)
Red Tailed Hawk (1-AD)
Killdeer (8, on the main mudflat)
Mourning Dove (1), Flicker (1) & Goldfinch (6)

Bird-Of-The-Day will be the young Black Crowned Night Heron & Runners-Up to all
those nice looking Eastern Bluebirds. I had 40 species today.

Al Stokie
Mostly in Lake County today with 1 stop in Cook County
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