IHE Cardiology decisions on DRPT Profile

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Solomon, Harry (GE Healthcare)

Dec 18, 2006, 7:50:06 PM12/18/06
to ihe-re...@googlegroups.com, IHE-Card-TC

Hello, IHE Reporting Task Group:


Today the IHE Cardiology Technical Committee made or confirmed the following decisions with respect to the Displayable Reports (DRPT) Profile.


1.                   The departmental Report Repository must support the RID Profile as an Information Source for all departmental reports.

2.                   The Report Manager (a departmental system that manages the signature cycle for departmental reports) will use an HL7 v2.5 MDM^T01 (Original Document Notification) or ^T03 (Document Status Change Notification) to notify the DSS/OF of a signed report.  Note that this is a notification only, without the document itself, but with a report retrieval reference (to the Report Repository) in accordance with the RID Profile.

3.                   The DSS/OF can use this information to determine when to send the ORM to the Order Placer with status “CM”.  A note should be added to Rad TF Vol 2 Sec about this tie in to DRPT.  Note that the Report Manager will not assert that the order is complete – that is a responsibility of the DSS/OF – nor even that a Requested Procedure is complete.  In the case of an order that has multiple Requested Procedures, or which requires multiple reports for order completion (e.g., a stress test with ECG and imaging components separately read), the DSS/OF may be able to implement an automated process, but may require manual review of the reports to verify completion of all order requirements.

4.                   There is an inexact match between the Observation Status of OBX-11, the Order Status of OBR-25, the document status of TXA-17, and the trigger event, all within the MDM message. The Cardiology Technical Committee will attempt a clarified profiling of these, but we would appreciate any conceptual assistance.

5.                   The ORM with status “CM” from the DSS/OF to the Order Placer does not convey the report reference (Transaction RAD-3).  The Order Placer thus only knows that the order is complete. If necessary, the placing system may need to query the Enterprise Report Repository for the report based on the order’s placer number.

6.                   The Report Manager sends either a notification with document content to the Enterprise Report Repository, or only a notification with a report reference in accordance with the RID Profile; this is configurable to meet the Enterprise Report Repository’s desired format. The Enterprise Report Repository is responsible for distribution of reports to the ordering clinician, and to support a query mechanism for intra-enterprise report search and retrieval (e.g., RID).  The Enterprise Report Repository may redirect RID retrievals to the departmental Report Repository (e.g., with an HTTP Redirect).

7.                   The Enterprise Report Repository is also responsible for any distribution of reports to the cross-enterprise affinity domain.

8.                   The DRPT profile will not specify the demographic updates for the Enterprise Report Repository – that is a responsibility of the ITI domain in an appropriate Enterprise-level profile. DRPT will specify a PAM-based demographic update for the departmental Report Repository.

9.                   The Cardiology Technical Committee would be happy if the ITI committee would take responsibility for the Enterprise Report Repository and its transactions, perhaps as an optional add-on to the RID Profile Information Source actor.


- Harry Solomon

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